Girls’ Frontline To Review Story Text For “Gender Neutral Language”

Girls Frontline

Sunborn Games’ Girls’ Frontline hasn’t always been in the news for the best of reasons, and this is definitely one of them. The company was recently approached via its social media account, and asked if they would consider adding more “gender neutral language” to the game, and the company – even while real fans suggested not to – said that they would review the text for “gender neutral language”.

It started with a question from a Twitter user during a post made by the official Girls’ Frontline Twitter account, asking if the company would consider making the language more gender neutral.

Real fans know exactly what’s coming once a company kowtows to the requests made by activists pushing for identity politics.

Much to their dismay, the Girls’ Frontline account responded by saying that they would review the text in the game.

Thankfully a lot of fans fired back and tried warning the account that going down that dark path was not what they wanted, and that this would only lead to ruination and devastation. It’s a typical trapping that devolves into getting woke and going broke. We’ve seen it countless times before, as evident with the Get Woke; Go Broke master list.

For those of you who don’t know, Girls’ Frontline is themed around fan-service. It has a very dedicated and very narrow demographic.

When fans see the account attempting or willing to court the whims of the Social Justice crowd or those pushing for identity politics, red flags go up instantly. Fans have constantly had an embattled relationship with the game already as far as censorship is concerned, and they don’t want to see the game suffer more for it.

Some Centrists might think that it’s just “text”, but that’s how it usually starts.

A simple change here, a modest modification there, a minor alteration and pretty soon you’re seeing censorship everywhere. That’s what happened to Hyper Universe and it, too, ended up on the Get Woke, Go Broke master list.

Basically, if Girls’ Frontline wants to keep its audience, it’s best they stay away from the people attempting to bring a rift to the playerbase by injecting identity politics into the game.

(Thanks for the news tip Richard Pell)