Hiroshi Matsuyama Teases New Anime Game Is In Development

If you are a fan of the Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm games, anime, or maybe a fan of CyberConnect2, do know that a new game treading the anime road will come forth out of said developer at some point in time. Sadly, there’s no word on what this forthcoming title by CyberConnect2 is, as of this writing.

It’s unclear at this point what to expect from CyberConnect2. Will they release a game that triggers game journalists because it features big jiggly jugs or attractive female characters? Will we see a bland game that no one asked for come about? Or will it be something substantial and an out of the box hit within the gaming scene?

What is definite right now is that CyberConnect2 is all about something anime-related regarding their new project, which I hope is something to write home about.

We know this thanks to a new video AMA that CyberConnect2 and CEO Hiroshi Matsuyama hold every once in a while. With that said, you can check out the following video that breaks the news that something “new” is in the works:

“Hiroshi Q&A Series is intended for CyberConnect2 fans around the world to have the opportunity to interact with the company’s CEO Hiroshi Matsuyama. We collect questions from our fans regarding the company, our projects, Mr. Matsuyama himself, and more through our social media pages, and pass them to Mr. Matsuyama, who personally gives his response in a video format.”

If you did not watch the video, one of the questions by a fan to Matsuyama reads:

“If you were to make another anime game series like the Storm games, what anime would you choose?”

And the reply from Matsuyama to the fan reads as follows:

“I can’t answer that.


The reason being that, we already have an idea, and have begun developing it. And of course, I cannot tell you what we are making!




Well, when the timing is right, I’m sure the new project we are working on will be announced.


Please look forward to that day!


We are doing what we’ve been wanting to do!”

I guess you can look at this as an announcement for an announcement. However, at the same time, it does offer gamers and fans a peek into what CyberConnect2 is currently working on.

Lastly, what anime would you like to see CyberConnect2 bring to the world of video games?


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