Filipino House Official Says Kids That Play M-Rated Games Are Likely To Engage In Dangerous Activity

According to a new report, 1-SAGIP Party-List Rep. and House Senior Deputy Majority Leader, Rodante Marcoleta, from the Philippines, has stepped forward to “warn” the public that kids or teenagers that happen to play “risk-glorifying, character-based video games” meant for mature audiences may act “aggressively,” indulge in “drinking alcohol,” pick up “smoking cigarettes,” and even going as far as having “unprotected sex.” This is all a claim by a study that Marcoleta filed as House Resolution No. 342 proposing a congressional inquiry.

Social Amelioration & Genuine Intervention on Poverty stands for SAGIP, which Marcoleta represents 1-SAGIP and is a member of Partido Demokratiko Pilipino–Lakas ng Bayan or the Philippine Democratic Party–People’s Power — often abbreviated as PDP-Laban.

And like any politician, Marcoleta wants a hand in the games industry and believes a study “reveals” the adverse effects of allowing minors to play M-rated video games for mature audiences.

Website relays that House Resolution No. 342 directs the House Committee on Welfare of Children — chaired by Tingog Sinirangan Partylist Rep. Yedda Marie Romualdez — to conduct the legislative investigation.

The publication site highlights how Marcoleta cites a study conducted by researchers headed by Jay Hull — a social-psychologist at Dartmouth College in Hanover, New Hampshire — that believes children below 18 shouldn’t have access to mature-rated games. Here’s what Marcoleta had to say:

“They [the children] were associated with changes in a wide range of high behaviors.


The Committee on Welfare of Children should prescribe countermeasures in order to curb, if not discourage youngsters from engaging in such character-based video games.”

Marcoleta continued and noted that character-based games allow children to become something dangerous despite every PC and console on the market sporting parental controls:

“[These character-based games] let people practice being someone else and practicing at being a character who is an anti-social deviant may have broad behavioral consequences on kids.”

The games that fall under the category of “character-based games” consist of Sniper Elite, Bulletstorm, Conan Exiles, and Dark Souls.

Although controls and ratings are already in place to stop children from walking into stores or going on a digital storefront to buy games out of their age range, Marcoleta wants more control over the current system due to the following reasons listed by website

“He noted that the study “suggests” that game players may develop the behavior of deviant game characters and may likely act “in a host of dangerous ways, not just in specific ways enacted in the games.””

As of now, it’s unclear if legislative investigation work will go through regarding House Resolution No. 342.


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