How to Raise a Wolf Girl Heads To Steam And Denpasoft On October 11th

How To Raise A Wolf Girl

I don’t know if it will make it to the finish line, but Sweet & Tea and Sekai Project’s How To Raise A Wolf Girl is set to release on Steam and Denpasoft starting October 11th, 2019. We’ve seen some visual novels get their store pages approved on Steam but then end up getting banned right on the eve of their release, which is what happened to Lilith’s Taimanin Asagi, where it was banned just before launch.

In the case of How To Raise A Wolf Girl, Denpasoft informed gamers that there would be a free R18+ patch made available on their site at the launch of the game on October 11th. This means that if you get the Steam version, it will be censored but you can remove the censorship by grabbing the off-site patch.

The game and the patch will be available in the game section of Denpasoft’s website.

Unfortunately there is no option to pre-order How To Raise A Wolf Girl, but if you keep an eye on the page for when it goes live.

Additionally, the game also has a store page that’s currently live ahead of its October 11th release over on Steam.

You can wishlist How To Raise A Wolf Girl so you can stay informed on when the visual novel becomes available for purchase.

The visual novel centers around Kousaka Shuuji and his friend Kana encountering a wolf girl in a cave named Sakuraba Iroha. They end up falling in love and having a romance, as is typical with these kind of visual novels.

The game features a CG gallery, a music gallery, and character art from Motomiya Mitsuki, with a scenario written by NYAON.

The all-ages version will be available on Steam, but as mentioned you will be able to get your hands on the R18+ patch from Denpasoft.

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