Japan Seeks To Imbalance Their Cultural Feng Shui By Importing Thousands Of Workers From Pakistan
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Sometimes there are news stories that we all wish were fake, but aren’t. This is one of those stories. Japan’s Minister and Deputy Head of Mission Embassy in Pakistan, Yusuke Shindo, told a room full of reporters that Japan plans on opening up its borders to thousands of “skilled” workers from Pakistan.

The news was recently reported on by Radio Pakistan, who took note of the news during a brief talk at the Japanese embassy in Islamabad.

Right now they claim that the goal of importing thousands of workers is still in talks, but they plan to have the agreement signed by November.

The article notes…

“Shindo said Japan has decided to open the labor market in 14 different sectors, including construction, nursing care, agriculture, manufacturing and light engineering and some other sectors.”

This news did not go over well with people who exercise common sense, because they all know what this means for Japan.

We’ve seen this sort of destabilizing tactic employed by other countries like Sweden, Britain, and Germany. All of them have suffered massive crime spikes, lots of heinous knife crimes, no-go-zones, and thousands of rapes over the last decade, as reported by Bloomberg, BBC, and CBS News.

Japan has repeatedly courted talks about broadening their intake of migrants, which has only spelled disaster for other countries.

If Japan doesn’t put a handle on these attempts to open their borders and bring in more migrant workers, hentai movies for the residents of Japan will no longer be fiction… but reality.

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