Jury Rules for the Chemical Castration of a 7-Year-Old Boy, James Younger

Anyone with a modicum of sanity, decency and/or a singular functioning cluster in their brains would understand and agree that forcing a 7-year-old boy to undergo chemical castration because the mother wants to transition him is outright human rights abuse. Unfortunately for James Younger a Dallas Jury and judge does not possess any of the aforementioned qualities and has ordered that the mother possess sole custody of the child and is allowed to chemically castrate the boy.

Jeffrey Younger, the child’s biological father, took the mother to court pursuing sole custody over his child as the mother is not the biological mother of the child. The mother counter sued for sole custody, child support, and ordered the courts to violate Mr. Younger’s first amendment rights by ordering him to call James Jude and affirm he is a “she”.

Both the jury and the judge agreed with the mother, as reported by LifeSiteNews, seeking to violate the first amendment rights of another American, chemically castrate her son — despite his dysphoria likely originating from the lack of his father in his life — and have the father pay her child support.

If you doubt this is purely politically driven by far left and LGBT activists then take into consideration the words of America’s first non-binary man. Jamie Shupe in 2015 became the first person to be recognized as a third gender option in the United States, as reported by Louder With Crowder. Heralded as a hero of the transgender community he eventually came to terms with this mental illness that drove his dysphoria and transitioned back into being a male.

According to him and many others like him who de-transitioned, the moment he was no longer convenient, LGBT activists abandoned him labeling him as a traitor.

“It wasn’t until I came out against the sterilization and mutilation of gender-confused children and transgender military service members in 2017 that LGBT organizations stopped helping me. Most of the media retreated with them.”

Afterward he was able to actually get help for his dysphoria realizing there was nothing wrong with his body, but here was a lot wrong with his head. His sentiment was clear, at every stage he should have been stopped, but society so afraid because of LGBT activists indulge in his fantasy to his detriment.

In his own words he illustrates the act behaviors that are going and how they should be stopped not encouraged.

 “This is the side which promotes tolerance, acceptance, and compassion. But if you question their desire to pump children full of hormones while cutting them up, now there’s a problem.”


“I do not have any disorders of sexual development. All of my sexual confusion was in my head. I should have been treated. Instead, at every step, doctors, judges, and advocacy groups indulged my fiction.”

With Detransitioning on the rise the chances are when this boy reaches puberty especially — at either the tail end of this insanity or the beginning of the end — he will realize he was a boy the entire time and wish to undo the damage he’d done to himself. At that time it will be too late to undo the chemically induced damage to his body. He will have to live with it the rest of his life, but aside from this child’s father, no one seems to appreciate this fact.

It’s all too easy to rightfully dump the blame on the malicious activists who push this agenda forward and on those who sit back signaling how tolerant they are, but really as a society we permit this to happen. In the course of signaling to the world how tolerant we are of differing viewpoints we have abandoned any principles of morality to appear the most righteous and free people. We boast how we’re the bravest nation on the planet, but all too often stand silently while children are yanked from their fathers and now castrated with chemicals all out of fear of being labeled “intolerant”.

This is an act demonstrable evil; of this there can be no doubt.

This boy doesn’t have the capacity to understand what he is doing to himself or the wisdom of age to comprehend the ramifications. How could he when he hasn’t hit puberty yet? Yet because the jurors were more interested in appearing virtuous and coming to the aid of a woman while forcing yet again the man to pay for everything without a say in the matter of anything this child’s life is ruined.

Worse still, this child isn’t even biologically Georgulas’s child. Nature in some cosmic wisdom saw fit to not allow her to have children through whatever mechanism, and science thumbed it’s nose at nature’s wisdom. Only to now understand the why nature had so rightfully deduced long ago.

Nevermind we have statistics showing single mother households are bad for child development, as detailed in a report by Psychology Today.  We have science that shows the absence of the father is detrimental to the child’s development and why they are needed, as reported by Fatherly. This is what is in the best interest of the child, but the jury and judge didn’t see it that way, they were more concerned with being called “sexist”, or “misogynist”, or having the claim they hate women thrust upon them. Their reputation, their bias all was more important than this child, who they will completely ignore when he finally is able to comprehend the horror that he has been subjected to.

There can be little doubt this is a monstrous undertaking that no where approaches justice or morality, but it didn’t happen in a vacuum. This happened under the watch of many individuals directly, indirectly, and passively associated with this child’s life. As a society it’s time we put the outcome and future of the children in front of our reputation. For if we don’t, Muslims, the Chinese, or any other growing power will be more than happy to as they replace us.

Many will inevitably label plea for common sense action as transphobic or whatever verb or noun they opt to throw this way. Frankly I don’t care about the stigmatization association, but it does inevitably sway many people whom are emotionally inclined or who are afraid of being labeled as such for even suggesting that we may have a point. Regardless in a preemptive defense of this piece let’s examine the issue shall we.

There were many trans people who stood with Gamergate in #NotYourShield and are many more who are going through a personal struggle that they don’t use for political brownie points or to utilize as the 21st century’s version of being a hipster. These people either have decided of their own validity that screw nature I’m changing genders or they suffer from mental illness that causes them to be dysphoric and they seek the surgery as a method of coping with this dysphoria.

To the many normal transpeople who do not agree with this madness or exploitation by a political class that is more than happy to throw you away when it is no longer convenient, this is not an attack on them or their plight. Many people did not ask to be abused, they did not ask to be forced into single mother households, nor did they ask to be born into a civilization that at every single moment tells them that their gender is evil and worthless. To go after these people who seek to hurt no one is in my view absolute cruelty. To them I wish only the best in their life struggles and point out to anyone reading they are not your enemy, they are the victim of your enemy and need your compassion and help.

Now for those that push this, that want to force children to be indoctrinated into believing they were born into the wrong gender and to the parents who want a transchild, yes this is what this article is against. It makes no apology for being against it merely because it’s not politically popular or convenient. When children’s lives are on the line it isn’t a game. This is not some grand experiment where we hope the outcome is pleasant. These are tens of millions of lives that will be invariably harmed by this and the next decade will see a crisis dealing with the fallout of the decisions that are prevalent today.

To mitigate the inevitable damage and to stand morally this article opposes without hesitation this absolute derangement. If you can’t handle that because you are too much a coward or because you are too far gone then there is nothing that can be said to reach you. To the rest we will speak even if it ultimately ends up into the void.

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