Kandagawa Jet Girls Anime Unrepentantly Embraces Fan-Service
Kandagawa Jet Girls

While a lot of shows, games, and comic books out there are trying to veer away from fan-service in fear of any reprisal from the Social Justice terrorists, some brands are moving in the complete opposite direction, such as TNK’s Kandagawa Jet Girls.

The NSFW review site Fapservice has been doing a breakdown of each episode since the anime premiered in early October, highlighting the show’s various moments of risque enticement for the very dedicated viewers. They’re already up to episode four out of the six-episode season, which wraps up on November 12th. So far, each of the four episodes have delivered heartily on the fan-service front, according to Fapservice.

While the current telecast stops short of any full frontal or out-and-out explicit content, it still features plenty of panty shots, cleavage shots, thong shots, some bare boobs, and lots of wetsuit-clad hotties jiggling and bouncing all over the place.


As some diehard fans noted, only certain telecasts carry the uncensored version of the show, otherwise you’ll end up with the television-safe version, which obscures some of the more tantalizing moments.

However, the fully uncensored version of Kandagawa Jet Girls will be available once it hits Blu-ray and DVD for fans who want the complete experience.

This definitely puts the accompanying video game from Honey Parade Games and Marvelous Entertainment at a bit of a crossroad, given that the PS4 racing exclusive will have to abide by Sony’s stringent censorship policies in order to secure a release on the platform.

While bouncing boobs will definitely be present, and we’ve already seen that a wardrobe feature has made the cut, it definitely leaves you wondering what could be left on the cutting room floor in order to avoid any penalties from Sony’s Censorship Officers?

We’ll find out just how much they’ll be able to get away with when Kandagawa Jet Girls launches in Japan on the PS4 starting January 16th, 2020. The Japanese airing of Kandagawa Jet Girls is taking place right now via select telecast, but as mentioned before, you’ll likely want to keep your eyes on the Blu-ray release for the fully uncut version of the anime, even though it’s already quite generous and plentiful when it comes to ecchi fan-service.

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