Kellog’s Launches All Together LGBT Cereal
All Together

Not even your cereal is safe from the Rainbow Reich. If you thought you could munch down on oats in peace that dream has no been abolished thanks to Kellog’s announcing that their latest cereal, All Together, will be an LGBTQIA+ themed cereal.

According to Pink News, the announcement came in celebration of “Spirit Day”, and was supposed to celebrate “inclusion” and “diversity”, with chief diversity officer Priscilla Koranteng telling the outlet…

“At Kellogg, we are firmly committed to equality and inclusion in the workplace, marketplace and in the communities where we work and live.


“We have long been allies and supporters of LGBTQ employees, their families and the community. For more than 100 years, Kellogg has nourished families so they can flourish and thrive, and the company continues to welcome everyone to the table.”

The cereal features Kellog’s mascots on a purple box with a rainbow colored “All Together” on the front.

They hold nothing back, with Kellog’s basically trying to brainwash kids while they eat cereal. It was so ridiculous that YouTuber It’sAGundam had to dig into the nastiness of it all.

Not even your cereal is safe.

There will be the typical Centrists™ making excuses as to why a gay cereal is good for you, why kids need to put wet oat balls in their mouth, and why it will help prepare them for a future of slurping a lot of white liquids down their throat. I’m sure they will also come up with some lame excuse as to why putting a lot of LGBTQ-themed “diversity” and “inclusion” in their orifices is healthy, but what else would you expect from Lefties larping as moderates?

Anyway, the special edition cereal is currently available for $20 or £15.50, as detailed over on KotakuInAction 2.

I don’t know why there needs to be an LGBTQIA+ cereal, but I’m sure someone in the comment section is going to waste time explaining why. So have it.

(Thanks for the news tip Guardian EvaUnit02 and johntrine)


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