League Of Legends Taiwanese Client Censors “Tiananmen”, “Freedom”, “Truth”, “Great Firewall”

League of Legends Censorship

Taiwanese gamers found out that despite Riot Games protesting any inclination to adopt China’s censorship practices for League of Legends, they did indeed adopt China’s censorship practices for the game. Following the complaints one of the community managers stated that the North American client is no longer censoring certain words, but gamers from Taiwan noted that the censorship is still amply in effect.

Twitter user Peter Hansen did some legwork, spotlighting how certain words and terms have been censored in League of Legends. He also provided some video footage of the censorship on October 20th, 2019.

Community manager Ryan Rigney updated fans about the censorship and informed them that Riot “fixed” the list of banned words and disallowed phrases, removing “Uyghur” from the list.

This was a follow-up to recent complaints about “Uyghur” being a censored term in League of Legends, which resulted in a massive Reddit blow-up and Rigney eventually responding to it.

Even after claiming that the Western version of the client no longer listed “Uyghur” as a prohibited term, Taiwanese gamers were still complaining about censorship.

Hansen would go on to document the censorship in the Taiwanese version of the League of Legends client, where terms like “Tiananmen” and “freedom” and “truth” and “great firewall” are still prohibited and censored.

To drive the point home, Hansen also provided video footage of the censorship.

The Taiwan version of League of Legends being censored isn’t addressed by Rigney, and would likely require the Asia region community manager to address that particular kind of censorship.

Even still, Riot – who is owned by Tencent, a corporate arm of the PRC – made it known that players and broadcasters were barred from discussing politics during or after games anyway. So censoring the Taiwanese version and limiting the players’ expressions regarding sensitive geopolitical subject matter relating to China is not only not surprising but seems to fit in line with Riot’s current position of accommodating the Chinese government.

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