Love Esquire Uncensored R18+ Mod Available For Download
Love Esquire

Yangyang Mobile’s Love Esquire is currently available over on the page and on the Steam store for $24.99. During the first week of release the game is marked down by 10% off the normal price, but even more than that there’s a free uncensored R18+ mod available for download as well.

Steam user adalsteincynehead, as known as Teófilo, posted up the uncensored R18+ mod for free over on the Steam Workshop page.

If you purchased a copy from Steam, simply head to the Workshop tab through the Love Esquire Community page, and then click on the Hip To Be Squire Uncensored mod. Once you click the green “Subscribe” button, it will update your copy of Love Esquire with the uncensored content.

Love Esquire - Panties

This skirts around Valve’s restrictive and oftentimes inconsistent content policies when it comes to anime-themed and visual novel games designed for straight males.

A lot of times Valve’s taste police will arbitrarily ban visual novel or anime games while citing “child exploitation” as the reason, even for games like Taimanin Asagi, which doesn’t even feature any children in the story.

In the case of Love Esquire, Yangyang Mobile explains how they not only had to navigate Valve’s ridiculous content policies, but also the laws that prevented them from releasing an R18+ patch natively. In the Steam announcement for the Hip to be Squire mod, Yangyang explained…

“In case you’re not aware, we had to remove some CGs to avoid being classified as an “adult only” game. If you want those CGs restored, you can download the “Greatest Pleasure CGs” patch at the workshop. Just click the subscribe button and it should automatically download them back into the game.


“IMPORTANT: These CGs are ecchi at most because our country’s laws prohibit us from doing a full-blown h-patch. Which brings us to… Hip To Be Squire.


“Our super backer and benevolent overlord, Teófilo, has created an uncensored mod of the greatest pleasure CGs. Fans of our previous game, The Letter, know him as the creator of Marianne McCollough and the person who funded the game’s voice acting. His contribution to The Letter has been invaluable to us.


“And now, he’s back at it again with Love Esquire! When you’re playing the game and experiencing man’s greatest pleasure, you’ll know who to thank! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)”

Love Esquire - Hotty Bodies

Where there’s a boner… there’s a way.

Gamers can now experience Love Esquire in all its R18+, uncensored glory.

The dating sim has been a long time in the making, with intent to get the uncensored content up and out back when it was first announced.

The visual novel dating simulator is a departure from other harem titles out there, insofar that you play a knight’s squire, and your job is to venture alongside the hero and protect him during battle by healing him, taunting enemies, and using tools to buff the knight.

During your downtime you’ll need to train, woo the ladies, give out massages, and attempt to win over the favor of the maidens in the land.

You can grab a copy of the game right now along with the free R18+ mod from the Steam Workshop.

(Thanks for the news tip Nyxius)


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