MachineGames Purposely Stripped Wolfenstein’s Hero Of Being “Hyper-Masculine”, Says Dev
Wolfenstein BJ

Real gamers like myself complained endless about how weak, toned down, and stripped of masculinity B.J. Blazkowicz was portrayed in the newer Wolfenstein games. Well, those of us who noticed B.J’s more sullen, and less testosterone-driven nature weren’t cherry-picking criticized off in left-field on a tangerine farm. It was recently confirmed by a senior level designer at Swedish game studio MachineGames that the iconic Nazi-killing machine was purposely made less masculine.

Speaking with PCGamesN at the Sweden Game Festival 2019, level designer Kristoffer Kindh confirmed that the studio moved away from Blazkowicz’ more “murder-bot” personality in previous games… you know, the legendary traits that made him, Doom Guy, and Duke Nukem the trio of terror for villains of the 1990s.

According to the article…

“Compared with older Wolfenstein entries (and, for that matter, most traditional corridor shooters), the modern games go deeper than most. “They have a lot more character,” Kindh says, “they have more personality.”


“If you’re familiar with the Wolfenstein series, you’ll know that B.J. benefitted from a great deal more character development in The New Order, including flashes of his past and an idyllic family life. He’s not just the hyper-masculine vehicle for guns he once was. Don’t get me wrong, the guy is still as tough as nails, but our discussion with Kindh dug up a little of why they hammered home this other side of the soldier.


“It’s all about context. Kindh talks about knowing when you can be the type of game to just shoot and kill and that’s it, and knowing when you can put in some some feelings rather than just mindless death – “we should know when, or when not to implement it,” he says. Ultimately it comes down to it fitting “in the context of what you are trying to create”. “

The problem here is that PCGamesN editorializes the crap out of Kindh’s words, so it’s difficult to tell how much of it was him (and/or what he meant to convey on behalf of MachineGames) and how much of it was the author’s intent during their discussion.

However, what’s being said about B.J., isn’t a lie. It was more than obvious that the character had a major overhaul in his personality from Wolfenstein: The Old Blood and Wolfenstein: The New Order to Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus.

He was already pretty sappy in Wolfenstein: The New Order compared to previous incarnations, but in Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus B.J., may as well have been a completely different character. If you don’t know just check out the cinematics below to get an idea of how much B.J., has changed, courtesy of rubhen925.

In fact, of the four hour play-time of the game, two hours were composed of cinematics.

The first half of the game saw B.J., barely hanging on; crippled from the events of the previous game and surviving by a thread through one of the super-suits. Most of his soliloquies take place from the position of a man on his death bed, and gives the impression that he’s weak, frail, and opening the latch on the fence to Death’s yard. Gone is the bombastic B.J., of old.

That’s not to mention that they made B.J’s father into a kind of white supremacist, villainous caricature.

The whole thing was absolutely disgusting as MachineGames attempted to use B.J’s racist father’s antics to show that B.J., was nothing like his dad, eventually leading him to commit patricide.

Real gamers took note of MachineGames’ dig at what seemed like /pol/ culture in order to paint straight, white males who weren’t into miscegenation or stark supporters of the globalists’ aim to flood first-world nations with multiculturalism as “racist” and “violent”.

Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus was a stark departure from the other games in the series, steeping itself deep into Left-wing politics and corrupting the Wolfenstein mythos in order to accommodate the Progressive Liberal agenda. The marketing for the game was also flagrantly controversial as Bethesda attempted to paint anyone on the Right as a Nazi.

But as mentioned in the PCGamesN article, don’t expect the masculine, no-nonsense Blazkowicz to make a return so long as MachineGames is at the helm. They explain…

“To round up, he uses a comparison, to Alan Wake. If Alan Wake was just a “murder bot”, would his story have such an impact? It wouldn’t really have worked.


“This trajectory into feelings and relationships in Wolfenstein didn’t stop with The New Order. Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus continued the thread admirably, while the recent Youngblood expands the series’ dystopian world by following the exploits of B.J.’s twin daughters, Jessica and Sophia Blazkowicz. Their playful nature, and familial bond hints that we won’t be getting rid of the more emotional side of Wolfenstein anytime soon. For one, I’m glad that’s the case. I love a soldier that can deliver service with a smile, but it’s ok not to be ok. Y’know?”

In summary, you can kiss the real B.J. Blazkowicz goodbye. This sappy, low-T, anti-masculine version of the character is here to say.

Some part of me hoped that B.J., had stayed dead during his execution scene in Wolfenstein 2, because at least B.J., could have gone out on top; died a hero instead of being turned into a sap who plays second-fiddle to his two hyper-masculine sons pretending to be his daughters in Wolfenstein: Youngblood.

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