Mary Skelter 2 Banned In Australia Due To Classification Board
Mary Skelter 2 Banned

Idea Factory International confirmed recently that Mary Skelter 2’s English release won’t be making it to the land down under due to having been refused a rating from the Classification Board.

Noisy Pixel picked up the news from a tweet made by Idea Factory International, who responded to a query from an interested gamer asking about the release of Mary Skelter 2 in Australia.

Noisy Pixel suspects this is a deliberate move by the Classification Board because they approved for the first Mary Skelter for release in the region.

It’s true that the first game was made available by Idea Factory International in the region after it received a classification rating on June 22nd, 2017, this is according to the official Classification Board website.

If you check the rating for Mary Skelter 2, the game has been refused classification, as noted on the official website.

The really unfortunate part for Aussies down under is that the game is only available in the West via digital distribution. So if it’s blocked digitally in Australia you might have to import the physical version from Japan for the Switch from some place like

Alternatively, if you live in Australia and you really want the game, you can go into your Nintendo profile on the official Nintendo website, and change your region to the U.S. You’ll then be able to surf the U.S., version of the Nintendo eShop and attempt to purchase Mary Skelter 2 that way.

This isn’t the first time that the game has run into censorship issues. Sony previously had the developers to butcher the “Purification” system in the game with a post-launch patch, which ended up breaking the game. Later on Idea Factory International decided it was best to court a more accommodating audience by releasing the game on the Nintendo Switch.

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