Moons Of Madness Gameplay Walkthrough

Rocket Pocket Games’ Moons of Madness isn’t due out on the PS4 until January 21st, 2020, but the game is currently available on PC right now. The cosmic horror game is a throwback to frightful scares and horrific monsters without always throwing players a shotgun and a rocket launcher to squelch their fears. For gamers who picked up a copy of the game and are looking for a little help, there is a walkthrough guide available.

Moons of Madness is currently available on the Steam store for just $24.99.

YouTuber CJUGames started a walkthrough playlist for Moons of Madness, covering the early parts of the game, which you can check out below.

Wakeup Call

The game starts with the main character, Shane, waking up in his cot within his sleeping quarters. Once you get up you can examine the room and then exit the door into the hall.

Take the flashlight from the edge of the cactus display just outside your room.

You can examine the whiteboard with the bloody circles on it before moving down the hall with the door with the green lights. Go into the door and avoid the tentacles unless you have a fetish for becoming a Japanese schoolgirl.

Make your way down the halls toward a locker with a crowbar inside. Take the crowbar.

Move back down the hall to the door that had a problem with opening. Use the crowbar to pry the door open.

Go down the hall and an ugly lady will attack you and end the nightmare.

Shane will wake up from the dream and receive some orders.

Take the ID card from the locker.

Examine the photograph that falls to the floor. There’s a code on the back: 0509

Use the passcode to access the spiffy computer.

Read through the e-mails and then exit your room.

Moons of Madness - Shuttle

Morning Routine

Examine the security protocol on the counter. Play with the rocket shuttle and then head into the next room.

Inside the recreational area you can see the pictures and drink a coffee at the machine.

Grab the flashlight from the opposite counter where the coffee machine is located. You can also go eat some food from the other counter and you’ll need to go find the biogage.

You can run by holding down left shift or access your inventory by pressing Tab on the keyboard.

If you exit the rec area you’ll find another crowbar lying on the floor just outside the white storage locker.

Use the crowbar to open the malfunctioning door.

You’ll find the biogage just next to the door on the counter. You’ll need to reset the biogage using a pen on the table after you add it to your inventory.

Push the reset button on the biogage to reboot the system and then use the device to reboot the system power in the room.

You can read some of the stuff on the floor and the material on the desk. Your next mission will be to manually fix the panels at the solar station.

Exit the lab, and go into the airlock. Equip the helmet and refill your suit with air.

Press the button and then exit the airlock.

Go toward the rover and press the button on the back of the vehicle to open up the door. Go inside. Close the door. Open the door to the cockpit. Start up the engine and a cutscene will play.

Moons of Madness - Solar Journey

Power of the Sun

Exit the rover and follow the lights up the pathway to the top of the solar panel array.

You’ll need to find a power cell for the solar panel array. Go up the ramp and climb up the rocks to get to the top of the rock structure where a console is located.

Go over to the solar panels and use the biogage to connect to the panels. Rotate the panels until the power optimization reaches 100%.

The first scaffolding is broken but travel around to the other scaffolding and scan the console to connect to it, and then reposition the solar panels until you reach 100%.

There’s an oxygen station at the base of the second solar panel command console. You can refill your oxygen there.

Go down the elevator lift. Take the power cell from the elevator. Head toward the small station. Go inside, and press the button to refill the interior before you take off your helmet.

Place the power cell into the open slot.

Access the computer and unlock the door to the other room.

Go inside the room and take the spare power cell on the table.

Exit the room, take the other power cell and then exit the facility and put the power cell back into the lift. Go up the lift and put the spare power cell into the slot for the third solar panel device.

Connect to the solar panel array and rotate the solar panels until you get them powered up above 90%.

Go over to the power conduit and on the side of the conduit there’s a fuse switch you’ll need to flip.

Activate the power conduct and go back to the MYRCAT.

Moons of Madness - Flooded Greenhouse

The Flooded Greenhouse

Enter into the greenhouse and scan the room.

Go up the steps and behind you there’s a ladder that allows you to scale up to the next floor.

Go over to the open hatch where the black goo is located.

Hop down and go down and grab the crank from the tool table.

Go around and place the crank on the valve and turn it to disable the smoke so you can access the yellow hatch in the floor.

Go down into the other yellow hatch and use the crank to disable the steam so you can pass through the flooded maintenance access.

Head into the next area and crouch under the the pipes to keep going through the tunnels – avoid the steam and then make your way through the next area until you pass by the black roots and into the next area where you are inside the water reclamation unit.

Take Lukas’ ID to access the computer.

Exit the room and follow the pipes into the next area.

Go into the level 2 security access. Follow the pathway down to the containment area where you’ll find the water reclaimation unit. You can exit through the broken glass.

Make your way through the room with the yellow hatch and go up to grab the second component.

Head around the bend to the place where the rooted wheel is located, and rotate it around so you can crawl underneath. Head down the ladder and take the final component.

Proceed up the accessway and you’ll find the sprinkler mechanisms. There are two of them.

Moons of Madness - Sprinkler System

Proceed all the way back down to the red, yellow, and blue machine and insert the three devices.

The three components should be set at: Red at 50, yellow at 90, and blue at 100.

Exit the room and activate the machine.

A monster will hop up and start chasing you.

Take off and start running away from the monster. Make your way off the platform and down into the hatch and into the vent.

Avoid the monster and make your way up through the vent to avoid the monster.

Keep running until a short cinematic plays.

Cave of Madness

Make your way to the airlift and put on the environmental suit and charge up the oxygen.

Get to the satellite station.

Go to the MYRCAT and access the cockpit to make your way to the communications site.

Make your way into the cave and use the Spacebar to focus on the orb using Shane’s moon hand.

Follow the purple light and use the moon hand on the orb to open up new pathways into the cave.

Head over to the desk. Read the research notes.

Charge up the other orbs and then head further into the cave. Take the orb off the pedestal.

Go back to the room with the orbs that have been charged up and place the black orb into the socket to charge it up.

Once charged, take the charged orb back to where you got it from and place it in the socket where it once was and it will clear the way.

Proceed down the hall toward the orb through the door and charge it up.

Take the orb near the workstation and place it in the receptacle and then power it up with the Spacebar.

At the next receptacle, head left and grab the orb and then take it back to the receptable and charge up the orb.

Proceed through the doorways and then go over to the stand and take the orb and place it inside the glowing stone receptacle on the opposite side of the room. When the vines retract, there’s another orb in the ceiling – power it up and then take the orb on the pillow and place it in the receptacle.

There’s another orb just inside a doorway up on the wall, and another one on the other side of the room.

The third orb is through a door that’s in the ceiling. Charge it up.

Once all three orbs are charged the empty orb in the center will be charged.

Take the charged up orb back to the receptacle and quickly run away from the astronaut.

Head down the corridor and hop down into the opening until you encounter a short cinematic.

Moons of Madness - Orb

Shunned Basement

You’ll end up in Shane’s basement.

Go over to the wall and there’s a photograph stuck between a wooden plank in the wall.

Go through the room with the open door and the electrical cord dangling from the ceiling.

Check the periodic table on the wall and then go into the next room and turn off the power to the laundry room.

Examine the photograph on the barbecue grill.

The plank can be removed with the crowbar. Take the photograph and add it to your inventory.

Open the door and head back into the main basement area and pull out the books in the following order on the bookshelf: 6424

Moons of Madness - Mom Was Hiding Something

This will open up a secret room.

Examine the photographs.

Read the notes.

Exit the room and examine the glowing red symbols around the basement.

Go over to the red light and take the photograph on the table.

Once you collect all five photos around the basement, go back to the board with the numbered post-it notes.

The order of the photographs on the wall should be:

1 = 07:48
2 = 08:55
3 = 12:24
4 = 12:57
5 = 13:00

Go over to the altar and activate the symbols. It will reveal a book.

You’ll need to find all five of the symbols to access the next part.

Turn off the power and activate all of the symbols around the basement and then go back to the altar with the book on it and activate the symbol at the top of the altar.

Sabotaged Signal

Shane will wake up back inside the MYRCAT.

Exit the transport and make your way toward the main satellite communications tower.

You’ll need to access the storange container where the power cells are located. The security code is:

Place the power cell inside the machine and start the machine to move the hydraulics system out of the way so you can pass by the rover.

The elevator will malfunction and you’ll need to travel up the pathway to the upper level of the site where the scaffolding is located.

You can refill your oxygen inside the one container with the oxygen supply.

Make your way up the scaffolding and climb up the rock ledges to get to the top of the station so you can reach the satellite dish.

Go inside the control tower and read the computer logs from Declan.

When you get done reading the logs, take the power cell inside the control center and head outside to the lift leading up to the satellite. Use the power cell to power the lift and go inside the satellite station.

Take the power cell on the desk and power up the satellite station.

Examine the power conduit and reroute the power around the damaged nodes using the GUI puzzle.

Power up the computer and then read the notes.

When you get done reading the notes, route the power through the circuit box to the satellite dish and then utilize the satellite control panel to change the pitch and yaw until you have more than 70% of the power.

Attempt to contact Commander Wilcox, who will inform Shane that the ship crashed.

Beings From Dust

Make your way out of the base and down the elevator and back to the MYRCAT rover.

Avoid the beings from dust who will haunt Shane.

The rover will go missing so you’ll need to follow the trail back to base, but stay close to the light markers.

Follow the light markers through the dust storm back to the rover.

This particular segment is pretty short, all you have to do is avoid the hallucinations and trek back down to the rover without getting aced.

The Looming Threat

Exit the rover, go back inside the base and search for Lukas.

Operate the computer and examine the sample analysis.

You’ll receive a new objective.

You’ll need to go over to the mixture and place the vials inside of the mixing machine on the desk.

You’ll find a number of vials around the lab. Take them and place them inside the mixer.

Now you’ll need to place the vials inside the mixer so that five of the slots are filled and they’re in the right order.

You should have the vials aligned as pictured in the image below to create the compound to feed into the system.

Moons of Madness - Poison Compound

Go inside the main lab where Lukas’ body is located.

Read the computer terminal and the additional notes scattered around the lab.

Take the vile from the lab and head back to the infirmary and synthesize a stronger version of the poison.

Once you finish making the new poison you’ll need to get to the greenhouse and inject the poison at the source.

You’ll have to make a run to the greenhouse before you suffocate; sprint to the other airlock and quickly refill the oxygen.

Remember to use the biogage to trigger the plants to make them explode so that the poison doesn’t kill you.

The Poison Tree

Inside the greenhouse, use the sonic emitter on the biogage to explode the flowers and the soft poison on the bulbous plants to open access to the water main.

Follow the pathway through the lab and down into the maintenance hatch until you reach the water pumps.

Avoid the smoldering steam and access the infiltration tanks by poisoning the water.

You’ll need to infect two tanks. The first tank is pretty easy to access while the second tank is located around the corner next to an infected root.

Make your way back up to the surface and activate the water pump lever to open an access to the tree’s root.

A boss fight will ensue with the crazy Russian witch.

Use the sonic emitter to destroy the flowers and pump the bulbs with the poison to open new pathways while completing the quicktime events in your fight with Inna.

With Inna defeated, make your way back up to the main lab area and access a computer with Inna’s ID keycard.

In the server room, access the computer and click on “Call Elevator”. Input the code: 5538

Head down to the Argus station beneath the base.

Moons of Madness – Inna

Use the biogage to access the camera and face it away from the door you need to enter.

Move quickly.

In the next room there’s an android in a chamber. Interact with it and complete the quicktime event to proceed.

In the next area move the camera away from the pathway and access the computers, which will inform you to access Lab 7A.

In order to get into the room, you’ll need to access the circuit box from beyond the door. You can do so using the biogage. Complete the puzzle to open the door and access the computers in the next lab.

Proceed through the room with the camera and the robot in the stasis pod. Move the camera to the right and proceed through the table positioned as a ramp through the broken glass window.

Down the hall you’ll find another Spiderweb circuit box.

Use the biogage to connect to the circuit box and repair the circuit, which will turn on the conveyor belt. Head across the conveyor and duck under the ramp and then use the biogage to move the camera away. Access the computer and disable the computer system.

Make your way up into Volkova’s laboratory.

Go over to the computer terminals and access them. The CEO of Orochi will have his ID clearance card on one of the desks. Take it.

Make your way past the camera and down into the android containment room. Wait for them to pass by and make your way out of the room and through the corridors until you reach the room with the broken door. Scan the camera with the biogage, wait for the monster to appear and then head through the broken door. Follow the corridor toward the terminal.

Head back into the main hall toward the elevator and travel down to Icarus.


Icarus Complex

Follow the corridors to the command center. Be careful as some of the tentacles are dangerous and will attack you if you get to close.

If you read the computer you’ll discover that the reason Lukas was brought on aboard by Orochi was because they had dirt on him. It turns out that despite being brilliant, he was also a sociopath – he had raped and mutilated two women and since the company knew about it they used it as leverage against him to get him to do anything they wanted.

It’s also revealed that all of the Invictus crew are expendable and that the company has been cloning and breeding the crew in the Icarus station.

Make your way to the morgue. The code to the morgue is: 9510

Take the severed arm and use it on the hand scanner for the elevator that leads to the bottom of the excavation site.

Eight Headed Monster

Inside the main Icarus command center the main computer will require a passcode.

The code is: EDEN

You’ll need to mess with the sensory deprivation to open the shutters.

Set the lighting to: 20 percent
Set the soundscape to: 100 percent
Set the numbering agent to: 100 percent.

Proceed to open the shutters.

You’ll need to then activate the stasis module.

The Project ECLIPSE phase 2 activation code is: 5,1,2

Moons of Madness - Cynthia And The Necronomicon

Knowledge Consumed

Examine the computer and notes in the dream sequence that Shane suffers.

In the classroom you’ll need to read all the notes before you can exit.

Read all of the papers until you read the paper with “The Dreaming Ones”.

After that you can exit the room through the door at the top of the class.

Continue to examine all the items until “The Witch” is revealed to be Cynthia, Shane’s mom.

She will explain that the twin moons were disturbed when the shuttle passed by their peace, and the dreamers are attempting to devour reality.

Get into the elevator and press the top button.

Exit the station through the airlock and get into the rover.

There’s a puzzle you’ll need to solve to get inside the gates.

Rotate the three layers with the gravity manipulator so that they match-up as they appear in the image below.

Bitter Reunion

Follow the pathway into the heart of the cave.

Head through the crevice and toward the cleft that leads to the sand pit. Avoid the tremors and follow Declan and Josephine’s voice toward the gaia engine.

The Immaculate Machine

Finish the last of the three puzzles as the world crumbles.

Exit the temple as Cthulhu and the dreamers awaken.

Make your way to the rover and head back to the launchpad to fly the Invictus to the moon.

Last Man On Mars

Go into the command center. Activate the command console.

Power up the shuttle.

Exit the command center.

Make your way across the sand. Avoid the tremors. Climb into the elevator.

Get into the cockpit and turn all the dials and push all the buttons until all of the lights are green.