My Naughty Tales Lets You Create Adult Visual Novel Stories And Share Them

My Naughty Tales

Nutaku’s My Naughty Tales has finally launched for the budget price of just $4.99. The 3D virtual sex sim combines visual novel storytelling with some puzzle solving.

The base game is about Bill who attends college and attempts to score as many hot chicks as he can as part of the “University Life”. The scenario was created using the in-game story editor, giving different characters different dialogue sequences and events that unfold based on player choices. It’s a little bit like a 3D VN creator.

As the story unfolds and you encounter different scenarios and different girls, you’ll have to complete puzzles and challenges to win over the affection, and some sweet, sweet loving.

My Naughty Tales – screenshot2

The University Life scenario is just one of many. You can create all new tales by engaging with different girls, setting up different scenarios, and then sharing them online for other players to experience.

The new scenarios can be created with a built-in story mode, where you can create new story arcs involving the available characters, modify existing challenges, implement your own dialogue sequences, and utilize the scene editor to create your own spicy situations.

Additionally, you can save and export your stories to share them with others, or take snapshots of your adventures and store them in the gallery mode.

It sounds like an inventive attempt at creating a replayable adult-oriented visual novel simulator, it’s just a shame the visuals don’t quite match-up with the mechanical possibilities. I do wonder how much depth and variety you can add to these scenarios and if the game will be updated with new characters and scenes? It sounds like it’s ripe for a lot of possibilities if it’s handled right proper.

Even still, if you were curious about checking out My Naughty Tales, you can do so by visiting the Nutaku store page.

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