Netflix’s Eden Trailer Reveals Yasuhiro Irie And Toshihiro Kawamoto’s 3DCG Anime
Netflix Eden

Netflix is funding anime straight from the source. They’re looking to subvert the genre right out of Japan. They made that known with their latest trailer for Yaushiro Irie and Toshihiro Kawamoto’s 3DCG project, Eden, which is set to debut in 2020 exclusively on Netflix.

The new anime is themed around a young girl named Sara who is discovered as a baby by two farming robots. In the far future where humanity has mostly gone extinct and are seen as evil, the two robots raise the young girl away from the prying eyes of others, in hopes of keeping her a secret from the robot community.

As the girl grows older she begins to recall a repeating message she heard when she was younger… to find “Eden 3”. Sara ventures to find this mysterious place and discover her true origins.

Unfortunately the project isn’t getting downvoted the way you may have expected. Instead, there’s a lot of support because Netflix dumped money into the laps of Kawamoto and Irie, two names that many anime fans recognize from Cowboy Bepop and Full Metal Alchemist.

This is basically how subversion works.

You take popular names or brands, and you slowly attach your name to them.

Sometimes the first or second iteration is solid; nay, maybe even magnificent.

Once the audience is hooked that’s when you start slowly embedding the cultural propaganda into the property.

It’s like a slow death of a fandom by a thousand cuts… only it takes just a few.

Eden doesn’t look bad. The actual quality of the 3D is now on par in some ways to hand-animation if you capture a still frame. However, the animation itself still looks like the characters are moving through gel.

Eden - Human

They really need to cut out the fill-frames between the key-frames for the character movements so that it looks more like a traditional anime. They can keep the smoother transitions for facial expressions to help with emoting and capturing certain moods, but for the actual character movements they either need to stick with motion capturing, revert to rotoscoping, or just do it the old fashioned way and only animate the key frames.

In any case, the setup and character reminds me a lot of Studio Ghibli’s Najskcaa of the Wind.

But given that this is a Netflix funded project, expect Sara – one of the last humans on Earth – to end up being a lesbian, which would make zero sense at all. Humanity would be doomed at that point, but most propagandists don’t think their stories through that far.

Eden – Tower

We’ll find out what the damage is and how much of Netflix’s weeds will have sprouted up in the garden of Japanese anime when Eden makes its way to the service in 2020.


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