Netflix’s Seis Manos Was Made To Be “Diverse” And “Inclusive”
Seis Manos

The infiltration of animation continues, this time with Netflix’s Seis Manos, a Mexican folklore animation starring a mostly Latino cast. The show originally aired on Netflix on October 3rd, but it wasn’t until a week later did they put out a piece talking about “diversity”, “representation” and “inclusion”.

The short behind-the-scene clip is designed to promote “representation” in animation. It’s part of Netflix’s aim to blur the lines of what people consider to be anime.

The cast talk about how “diverse” and “inclusive” the show is, even though there are no whites present.

This is more of “inclusion” via exclusion.

Just about every single time someone uses “diversity” to talk about a media property it’s almost exclusively at the expense of whites.

Various channels like Fuera de Foco have also been promoting the show, calling it the “first Mexican anime”.

This is all part of the mission from the artisans of agitprop to not only invade and infect traditional anime, but to also change how we view anime so that it’s no longer about celebrating the Japanese animation industry. It’s about usurping it.

Those trying to spread the word about AnimeGate and the fact that propagandists are trying to take over, are finding themselves in a cleft of suppression.

Reddit user HannibalLecter9 tried to warn the wider audience about the intrusion into anime, but he had his post censored and removed.

[SocJus] Animegate Update 19/04/18 from r/KotakuInAction

Hannibal has also been trying to warn anime fans about the infiltration of Westerners into Japanese anime, such as Darnell and Arthell Isom’s studio, which is based out of Tokyo, Japan, which produces anime inside the country.

The aim of the brothers’ studio? To promote “diversity” and “inclusion”.

HannibalLecter9 made a separate post, explaining how people like Isom and Henry Thurlow, the latter of whom is the animation director from D’ART Shtajio, are working from the inside out to promote their agenda throughout Japan.

This inculcation creep is happening steadily and consistently. Netflix is also importing foreigners into Japan to work on anime via the school Gobelins.

In addition to all of this, Japan is also running a risky business by allowing foreigners in from various regions, such as their proposed deal with Pakistan to bring over thousands of “skilled” laborers, as reported by Global Village Space.

We’re seeing the cracks forming; an irreparable fissure of creative destruction is at play.

They’re trying to take over anime.

(Thanks for the news tip Animegate99)


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