Netflix’s Thunder Force Features Two Overweight Super Heroes Fighting Crime
Thunder Force

Netflix is going big for their next gargantuan release, a super hero flick starring Octavia Spencer and Melissa McCarthy called Thunder Force. Despite seeming like some kind of gastronomic fanfare involving a wide berth of different expressions for breaking wind, it’s actually an action-comedy.

Deadline originally broke the news back in March of 2019 when they revealed that Spencer and McCarthy had joined the Ben Falcone flick that’s set to debut on Netflix, but we weren’t entirely sure what the film was going to be about or how they would handle the costumes and content. Well, now we do.

According to What’s On Netflix we were able to learn more about the film, including getting a firsthand look at the costumes for the unconventional heroines.

Twitter user Cate dropped some screenshots of Spencer and McCarthy in their super hero getup, and it’s about as eye-popping as you would imagine.

Looking like navy-colored plumes in Velcro, Spencer and McCarthy’s characters are supposedly super powered vigilantes. The pre-release promotion on Twitter is apparently designed to butter up more than just the actresses’ ego, but also fatten up expectations from viewers for Netflix’s original super hero flick.

Story details are scant but we do know that the slender and sexy model from Guardians of the Galaxy 2, Pom Klementieff, will play the villain in the film… because of course.

So the slender, sexy Klementieff is facing off against two overweight super heroes? Sounds like someone may have mixed up the story for this project.

The only way I could see this working is if Spencer and McCarthy are actually the villains and have been the villains all along. It would be a great reversal on the traditional super hero concept, but I tend to doubt that’s what Falcone is going for.

Based on the little behind-the-scenes footage captured during filming, it looks like it will take the combined efforts of the hefty duo to subdue the gorgeous Klementieff.

Although, in reality we all know that if neither dropped from cardiac arrest during the jog over to Pom’s position, they could just flatten her out on the street and call it a day.

In any case, this will be McCarthy’s second attempt at trying her hand in the sci-fi/hero genre, with the first being the abysmal 2016 failure from Sony, Ghostbusters.

This movie really could go either way, being a buffet of laughs like Spy or a cringe-feast like the aforementioned Ghostbusters.

Given that Netflix is known for propping up its propaganda alongside its profitable material, it will be difficult to gauge if Thunder Force will be able to carry its weight across the finish line of financial success, or if it will gas out early and find itself being heaved under Netflix’s quarterly sheet like a child stuffing a rotund collection of dirt under the rug.

No release date has been set for Thunder Force just yet, but What’s On Netflix suspects that the film won’t be ready to flatten your expectations until some time in 2020… or beyond.

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