Portals Movie Isn’t Based On The Game But It Is A Sci-Fi Horror Flick

There’s a new sci-fi horror flick coming soon called Portals, from the filmmakers who made V/H/S and The Blair Witch Project. At first I thought it was some cheap horror flick you might find on the Syfy channel, but as the trailer progressed it became darker, weirder, gorier and more intriguing.

The trailer starts with an interracial couple (yes, you will need to minus points from the movie for still pushing the same kind of propaganda found in most Hollywood films made by Liberal Progressives) where the daughter is talking with her father when the car slams into a mysterious black monolith that works as a gateway to another realm.

The monolith begin to appear all over the place, transporting people to other dimensions, or when they do come back they come back rabid. You can check out the trailer below, courtesy of Rapid Trailer.

One of the stories follows the father from the opening of the trailer as he manages to survive the journey through the portal. He awakes in the hospital with a funky eye and the ability to see on the other side.

Others, however, weren’t so lucky. Another story follows a group of dispatchers who witness the appearance of a portal appearing in the main dispatch call center, but things quickly go awry and people start dropping dead and killing each other while they attempt to escape from the building.

Portals - Your Eye

The trailer is actually quite intriguing, but it could just as well go in the complete opposite direction and end up being a piece of crap.

Obviously the comment section is filled with references to Valve’s Portal series, which is far more lighthearted and doesn’t dabble in the cosmic horrors of string theory.

Even still, at least there’s a straight white male in the lead role, and hopefully the movie is free of any additional propaganda.

The movie is set to roll out in the U.S.A., starting October 25th, 2019.


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