Red Ice TV Banned From YouTube
Red Ice TV Banned

The SPLC and Left-wing censorship advocates banded together like a special needs tag-team of social (in)justice to take down the main and secondary YouTube channels of Red Ice TV. The channel is known for dropping serious truth bombs about migrant crimes, rape statistics involving migrants in European countries, as well as the dissolution of Western values taking place at the hands of the Leftist Establishment.

On October 21st, 2019, the Southern Poverty Law Center were quick to gloat about Red Ice TV’s main YouTube channel being scrubbed from the internet. The channel boasted over 335,000 subscribers and – according to Social Blade – had amassed more than 44 million views over the course of ten years. It was operated by the Swedish husband and wife duo of Henrik Palmgreen and Lana Lokteff.

The channel was on a serious upswing in viewership and engagement, due to being one of the only few alternative outlets aggressively covering the kind of news the mainstream establishment media doesn’t want you to know.

The SPLC tries to reorient the conversation by claiming that Red Ice – which has been around in radio form since 2003 – changed from a multimedia “conspiracy” outlet to a “white nationalist” outlet. This is far from the truth. The Swedish group that runs Red Ice actually care about what’s happening to their nation and are informing people about the replacement agenda, the uptick in violent crimes attached to migrants, and gang rapes that have taken place against Swedish natives. All of this has also been reported in brief by some mainstream outlets like the BBC and CNN.

Unfortunately the truth isn’t what most Social Justice types are after, and so they attempt to flagrantly change the perception of the news to encourage people to give up any fight for free speech.

On October 22nd, 2019, Hatewatch posted a tweet claiming that the banishment of Red Ice’s main channel on YouTube was a blow to the “hate movement”.

Some people in the comments attempted to ask how Red Ice TV encouraged hate, but the responses basically defer to newspeak, claiming that they’re “racist” and “bigoted” without really explaining why.

This isn’t even the first time that YouTube and other digital terrorist organizations have tried taking down Red Ice.

Earlier in the year the channel was struck multiple times for their coverage regarding the migrant attacks in European nations, and they posted a video on Facebook explaining how YouTube and the Regressive Left wanted them censored.

It almost took a year but the SPLC and YouTube managed to get what they wanted.

Shortly after the main channel was taken down for “hate speech”, YouTube then targeted Red Ice’s secondary channel as well, which was also quickly taken down.

On October 23rd, 2019 the SPLC was quick to note that YouTube brandished their ban-hammer on Red Ice’s secondary channel and took it down shortly after the duo tried making use of the channel.

While Red Ice’s YouTube days are practically over, the couple already had their content backed up over on their Bitchute channel.

You can still catch their content on Bitchute and Facebook, but they’re no longer going to have the presence on YouTube that they once had.

This is still just another move by the Regressive Left to further stifle and censor the speech of those trying to make the wider public aware of the culturally destructive cataclysm that the Establishment are employing against Western nations.

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