Reddit Updates Harassment Policy, Bans Dozens Of Sub-Reddits
Reddit Censorship

Lots of sub-reddits have been permanently banned from Reddit recently following an update to their Bullying & Harassment sitewide policy.

The change came on September 30th, 2019.

It was posted in the official announcement thread for Reddit updates, stating…

“[…] Why are we doing this? These changes, which were many months in the making, were primarily driven by feedback we received from you all, our users, indicating to us that there was a problem with the narrowness of our previous policy. Specifically, the old policy required a behavior to be “continued” and/or “systematic” for us to be able to take action against it as harassment. It also set a high bar of users fearing for their real-world safety to qualify, which we think is an incorrect calibration. Finally, it wasn’t clear that abuse toward both individuals and groups qualified under the rule. All these things meant that too often, instances of harassment and bullying, even egregious ones, were left unactioned. This was a bad user experience for you all, and frankly, it is something that made us feel not-great too. It was clearly a case of the letter of a rule not matching its spirit.


“The changes we’re making today are trying to better address that, as well as to give some meta-context about the spirit of this rule: chiefly, Reddit is a place for conversation. Thus, behavior whose core effect is to shut people out of that conversation through intimidation or abuse has no place on our platform.”

They link to their definition of “harassment” and “bullying” on the Reddit help page to further delineate their usage of the terms, and gives people a heads-up of how they plan to enforce this policy moving forward.

Subreddit Drama took note of all the other sub-reddits that have been affected thus far, which mostly includes subs where whites congregated to get away from other races, pretty much indicating that this was Reddit’s plan to cut off any sort of private spaces for white users.

You can view the list of banned subs below:

  • /r/subforwhitepeopleonly
  • /r/Braincels
  • /r/fragilejewishredditor
  • /r/GentilesUnited
  • /r/Holocaust
  • r/ZOG
  • r/AmericanJewishPower
  • /r/PissEarthBegins
  • r/ihatewhitepeople
  • /r/Ice_Poseidon
  • /r/Ice_Poseidon2
  • r/ice_poseidon3
  • r/SocioEconomics
  • /r/The19thMistake
  • r/misogyny
  • r/AsianFemaleHate
  • /r/AganistGayMarriage
  • r/Apeniggers
  • r/BlackHusbands
  • r/blackniggercock
  • r/BritishJewishPower
  • /r/deformedBabies
  • r/Deport_The_Mayos
  • r/DeportWhitePeople
  • r/DigitalAgeNiggers
  • r/fuckmayosandwhites
  • r/FunnyNigger
  • r/gibsmedat
  • r/I_Hate_White_People
  • r/IHateJewishPeople
  • r/IHateMidgets
  • r/ihateniggers420
  • r/IHateWhitePeople
  • r/ItalianHate
  • r/Incelistan
  • /r/Identitarian
  • r/jewishbeauty
  • r/kangznsheeit
  • /r/kike
  • r/niggabruh
  • /r/niggamoment
  • /r/niggas
  • r/NiggerDrama
  • r/niggerrebooted
  • r/niggersfacts
  • r/QueensAndShit
  • /r/polistan
  • r/Race_reality
  • r/RacistMemes
  • /r/Refugees
  • r/RealNiggaGangShit
  • /r/USBlackCulture
  • /r/VaccineTerrorists
  • /r/WhereMyNiggersAt
  • /r/whiteliberation
  • /r/youdonenowblacky
  • /r/hateblackpeople
  • /r/theyrejustlikeus
  • /r/whiteidentity
  • /r/HolocaustRevisionist
  • /r/Fascist
  • /r/We_Hate_Niggers
  • /r/Reddit_Hates_Niggers
  • /r/kikefilter
  • /r/we_hate_niggs
  • /r/niggateenposts
  • r/negrofilter
  • /r/niggersfacts
  • /r/spicfilter
  • /r/redditniggerfilter

Some of the people in Subreddit Drama are also actively reporting these threads, including ones involving Asian supremacy, such as MongloidCJ.


They’re also going after places like /r/DrawinsDisgraced/, calling them “incels” and hoping that they get banned.

Late last year Reddit began a purge of sub-reddits that contained lewd images of lolis and shotas, leading to a lolicaust on Reddit.

Some innocent anime subs were also caught in the cross-fire, since according to some people various female characters in anime look “underage” and therefore deserve to be purged.

This seems to be just the beginning, and pretty soon you won’t even able to use protected speech on Reddit lest you get caught in a ban-spree by the administrators.

Free speech is now an endangered right in this era.

(Thanks for the news tip Every Jon)


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