Resetera Has Banned 20% of their User Base Since Inception

Since Resetera’s 2017 inception it has been the bastion of cancel culture and identity politics in the video game community. Routinely undertaking harassment campaigns against developers  , voice actors , market place employees, youtubers, and just about anyone else that catches the site’s ire.

Already the site has direct connections to the suicides of both youtube content creator Etika, whom they  harassed and celebrated his troubles right up till his committed suicide, and #Metoo-ed developer Alec Holowka, who was later cleared of the charges against him by an independent investigation by The Post Millennial. In spite of this, various content creators, “journalists’, and even the industry continue to give credibility to the site and bow to their demands.

Now thanks to Twitter user GamesNosh we know the site has in fact banned 20% of its rather small user base since 2017. Given how easy it is to get banned from Resetera some online have questioned whether this figure is a bit low.

(Screenshot’s courtesy of Resetera Takes)

What’s truly curious about the site’s reach and influence in the gaming industry is how small it is. Having a population of only 48,010 (roughly a third of what Neogaf had at its peak) the site has never demonstration significant buying power or demographic representation. To the contrary, angering them appears to be very profitable. Developer of Heartbeat reached 16th best selling game after not only refusing to bend the knee, but actively carried out a trolling campaign against Resetera with a sale.

If Resetera didn’t constantly attempt to use mob tactics to harass various people it would be a safe lol cow farm for the internet’s meme culture to mock. Now that their numbers have been revealed to be so low, and their harassment of developers of Ion Fury put them in the spotlight, perhaps now the industry will take them less seriously when they demand for changes to be made and developers to be fired.

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