Richard Jewell Movie Trailer Shows How Corrupt Media Can Ruin A Man’s Life

Richard Jewell

It takes balls of steel to stand up to the mainstream media. You can’t win. You can never win. Even with the facts and the truth on your side, you still never win. Why? Because the media shapes the narrative, and whatever narrative they shape – even if it’s wrong – is what sticks. Sometimes they may go back and correct the record, or slyly move the dial closer toward the truth, but by then the public’s conscious has already been swayed. This is part of the gist of Clint Eastwood’s upcoming Richard Jewell, which recounts the smear campaign launched against the security guard who tried to save lives during the bombing that took place at the 1996 Olympic Games in Atlanta, Georgia.

The trailer is two and a half minutes long, featuring an all-star cast that includes Jon Hamm, Sam Rockwell, Kathy Bates, and Olivia Wilde who looks super sexy in that pencil skirt. Hot dang.

On a serious note, the marketers actually got the trailer right. It doesn’t spoil the entire movie but it does highlight just how serious and dangerous media misinformation can be, especially when the authorities want you to be the villain.

You can check out the trailer below courtesy of Movieclips Trailers.

What’s absolutely disgusting about this whole ordeal is that essentially it’s a redemption story where the hero was never the villain.

He did nothing wrong!

An innocent man, who attempted to save lives, was vilified by the media and had his life dragged through the mud, and everything about him destroyed for the sake of views, but in the end he was never a bad guy.

We’re seeing similar tactics being employed on a regular basis by mainstream and enthusiast media in recent times. People getting dragged through the mud for having the “wrong opinion”, or for trying to fight against corruption, or for not bending the knee to the Establishment, or for not wanting to allow your kid to be mutilated, or for not being accommodating to the demands of the Rainbow Reich, or for not denying science.

We’re in an era of ineptitude and egregiousness, where the media can do whatever it wants without repercussions. Although, this has been going on for quite some time, as evident by the fact that this film is about an event that took place back in 1996, before cancel culture and outrage mobs ruled the interwebs.

Richard Jewell looks like a right proper film to combat the disgusting culture perpetuated by corrupt media. We should all be thankful someone like Clint Eastwood is still around to show Hollywood how it’s done.

You can look for Richard Jewell to hit theaters in December.