Root Film, Mystery Visual Novel Headed West For PS4, Nintendo Switch

Root Film

Kadokawa Games and PQube announced that Root Film, the sequel to Root Letter, is coming to the Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 in both Europe and North America.

The announcement came via a debut trailer for the game, which briefly covers the story and characters.

It centers around a fiction television series called the “Shimane Mystery Drama Project”. The show was cancelled a decade before the current events of Root Film and focuses on three teams who attempt to revive the project.

Things seem to be going well at first when 23-year-old Rintaro Yagumo is brought onto the production crew and begins scouting one of the locations where they plan to film, only to have the scouting process interrupted with a murder, which begins a harrowing spiral for the revival project.

Plenty of weebs orbiting the niche visual novel genre have been quite excited about the sequel that’s been several years in the making.

Many of the choice-driven mystery VNs have adopted their very own communities, such as the Danganronpona series or Corpse Party.

If PQube and Kadokawa can successfully manage to get Root Film up and out for gamers, they just might manage to create yet another cult classic franchise.

Moe Gamer is already excited about it and is reminding gamers about the original mystery visual novel that came out back in 2016.

They didn’t roll out a release date for the upcoming Root Film, but we do know it’s coming soon to home consoles in the West.

PQube has been reliable lately in providing gamers with uncensored adaptations of classic Japanese media, so we’ll see if they can keep the momentum going when Root Film does arrive on the Nintendo Switch and PS4 in North America and Europe.

(Thanks for the news tip Guardian EvaUnit02)

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