Slave State Wins Position on United Nations Human Rights Council

October 17 saw 14 new members elected to the the United Nations Human Rights Council after a secret ballot vote in by the General Assembly. If you follow the mainstream media you’d probably think the greatest atrocity against the human spirit originating from this vote was Venezuela’s victory to a seat on council. Venezuela, after all, is the media’s favorite non-Trump target. And while the situation there is unfortunate and Venezuela is without a doubt far from the bastion of human rights, they are further from the gravest appointment to the United Nations.

Ignored by most of the press is the victory of both Sudan and Mauritania, two of the gravest violators of human rights in Northern Africa. Hilariously, Somalia, despite a complete lack of being a functioning state, also has a seat on the Human Rights Council. As it is apparently not a requirement to be able to govern your own territory before advising other nations on addressing significant human rights issues. War torn Libya and Namibia also won the African seats in the general election, alongside the two human rights abusers.

Before tackling the gravest offender, Mauritania, the election of Sudan is vastly more contestable to the election of Venezuela the media continues to focus on. Especially given the media’s disposition to ignoring the brutal crackdowns on the Hong Kong protesters by the authoritarian state of China –who thankfully doesn’t have a seat-  yet find condemnation for Venezuela for their crackdown on CIA backed protesters to be a gravest evil elected in the assembly.

Over the past few decades as a nation Sudan has engaged in numerous and frequent human rights violations. Yes the nation that engaged in ethnic cleansing in Darfur, killing over 300,000 civilians, and continues to persecute the survivors with murder, assaults, and rape will now be advising nations on human rights.

Sudan will likely be able to advise nations on the art of brutal crackdown of austerity protesters while silencing the media with threats of violence and arrest. The fine art of arresting 18 journalists, many foreign, will be of great interest to many nations going forward. As will the restriction of what can be printed and who has the credentials do to said printing.

If you thought Sudan was horrible the election of Mauritania is worse. Half of the nation’s 1.35 million population live in de-facto slavery, with 20% living in literal slavery despite the nation legally ending slavery decades ago. De-facto slavery is where a population because of their economic status is forced to work in either government created jobs, or in very low paying and highly exploitative conditions.

Slavery in the nation is hereditary rather than situational. Victims are owned by the same family generation after generation. Whereas European slavery viewed slaves as an investment, African slavery often views their slaves as a utility and subjects them to conditions unfathomably horrible even to Hollywood. It isn’t abnormal to hear of a mother losing children because she was ordered to work rather than take care of them, or miscarry because of similar circumstances, or have severe beatings occur to the point where the slave is barely able to work yet still expected to.

Slaves are almost never taught to read or right, nor are they afforded great living conditions. Female slaves see regular sexual abuse at the hands of their masters. Activists who fight against this are routinely arrested, beaten, harassed, smeared, persecuted, and jailed for months if not years while slave owners are jailed for days. Life for freed slaves is abysmal and one of abject poverty with most slaves being sub-Saharan Africans whose community possesses little in the way of wealth.

This wonderful beacon of morality and human rights is now a sitting member on the United Nation’s Human Rights Council. Sure Venezuela equally doesn’t deserve to be on the council and thankfully more worthy nations like Brazil won a seat to sit alongside Argentina, the Bahamas, Chile, Mexico, Peru, and Uruguay. Yet their transgressions pale in comparison to a nation that carries out ethnic cleansing and another half of whose population are slaves. Given that the police in Venezuela ran over protesters that is a profoundly high standard to have beaten.

At any rate it should be fairly obvious to everyone the Human Rights Council of an organization comprised of pedophiles is a joke.


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