Sony Reportedly Trying To Sell PlayStation Vue
PlayStation Vue

Sony is reportedly trying to offload the PlayStation Vue brand, which is going broke. This comes courtesy of a report from The Informant, who reported that Sony attempted to sell PlayStation Vue to fuboTV.

According to reports, PlayStation Vue has less than 500,000 subscribers, and profitability is difficult to maintain, especially following Sony’s constant increase in subscription prices.

Cord Cutters News reported…

“PlayStation Vue also recently fell to 6th behind Philo on Roku’s list of most popular live TV streaming services. To add to Sony’s pain with PlayStation Vue, The Informant says their sources claim PlayStation Vue is losing money right now likely due to high channel cost and low subscriber numbers. Unlike Sling TV and AT&T TV NOW Sony does not have a traditional pay-TV service that PlayStation Vue can use to get better rates.”

Sony was riding high at the top of the entertainment industry throughout the PlayStation 4’s lifespan, but lots of bad decisions coupled with their incessant obsession with getting woke has cost them a lot of good will and market valuation across various divisions.

We’re now starting to see PlayStation wane in more ways than one, and the PlayStation Vue appears to be on the verge of going broke.

Back in July of 2019 Sony raised the subscription price by $5 for PlayStation Vue, as reported by TechCrunch. The problem is that they didn’t give subscribers any reason as to why they should be paying more for the service, and in response they likely lost even more subscribers. Many media shills tried justifying the price hike as a “competitive” move, but usually prices go up when the content justifies the need to raise the price, but the PlayStation Vue doesn’t have any competitive content that required Sony to go up on the subscription price.

Perhaps if Sony spent more time making a competitively priced subscription service with worthwhile content rather than trying to censor anime games, the news might be a bit different and we might be reporting on how they’re increasing subscribers and gaining an audience rather than losing it.

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