Steam Censored Opposition To LGBTQ Sale
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Not fond of your Steam homepage being overtaken with LGBTQIA+ propaganda? Well, too bad for you. Voicing opposition to the sale would net your topic on the Steam forums a hardy lock, or an untimely deletion. This is just the next step in escalating the war on straights.

Various concerned gamers who rally and champion behind freedom of speech notified OAG that their opinions about the LGBTQ sale on Steam was met with trigger-happy moderators on the Steam forums, resulting in multiple threads being purged from the discussion tab.

While taking snapshots of deleted threads requires pristine timing and cataloging, some users did manage to snap a shot of the forum board showcasing various locked threads criticizing the LGBTQ sale on Steam.

Those weren’t the only threads criticizing Valve for the sociopolitical sale of games themed around alternative sex.

Stashmaniac called Valve’s censorship of the threads being as bad as China, which resulted in his thread being locked.

Fistful of Intelligence also made a thread, asking others what they thought of the sale. However, he concluded that the sale was politically charged and stated that LGBTQIA+ lifestyles have nothing to do with gaming. His thread was also locked.

Visi made a fantastic post, writing…

“Yes, this of course refers to the “LGBTQ+” sale plastered on the front page of the store. This is inappropriate. I’m sure that someone will come in here repeating the line that people’s existence isn’t political, but that is completely irrelevant. That moniker is inherently political, and every honest person will recognize that. Being gay isn’t inherently political, but using that ever-expanding initialism is. It is a political movement with specific ideologies associated with it. Yes, I’ve already set that sale to be “ignored,” but it shouldn’t have been there in the first place. There isn’t going to be a heterosexual sale, correct? So, please, do not push political propaganda through Steam sales.”

Visi’s thread was locked for his well-rounded and logically sound argument.

But everything he says is true.

There is no heterosexual sale, even though heterosexuals are the majority. LGBTQIA+ is a minority, and not even one that’s biologically compatible with the sustenance of mankind. Why exactly is it being celebrated and used as an impetus to grow a community that genetically has no genealogical future?

These important questions will never be answered, because every proponent of this social engineering advocacy has no answer. Their only response is to shut down, shut up, and censor anyone who doesn’t agree with them, which is what we’re seeing Valve do for every single gamer who doesn’t stand in alignment with their agenda.

Even gamers who thanked Valve for the sale so that they could block all those games had their threads censored, as evident with the thread by Rocket.

One of the last bastions that allow free speech (albeit limited in its scope and poisoned by a lot of Left-wing rhetoric) is a /pol/ thread filled with gamers who actively noted that they would be deleting their Steam account or selling it to avoid being subjected to Valve’s agenda.

This sort of cultural encroachment won’t end.

The Rainbow Reich have already latched its teeth into the skin of morality, and is gnawing away at the very fabric of Western standards; eroding away the integrity of the family unit like a tide washing away a sand castle on a moon-lit beach.

The question is, how will you respond to Valve’s sociopolitical stance on sexuality? And how do you feel about your games and game stores being used as a vehicle to reorient the cultural beliefs that you hold near and dear to your heart?

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