The 13th Doll, Fan-Game Sequel To The 7th-Guest Launches On Steam,
The 13th Doll

A pseudo-sequel to The 7th Guest and The 11th Hour called The 13th Doll has launched courtesy of Attic Door Productions on Steam and The Steam version launched first on October 30th, 2019 for $29.99 but it’s 10% off during the first week of release, so you can get it for just $26.99. At the time of writing this article the version is coming soon, but should be up either by the time of publishing or shortly thereafter.

The game pays homage to the era of FMV point-and-click horror games that used to occupy PC, 3DO, and SegaCD devices back in the day. They were a unique brand of gaming insofar that they oftentimes attempted to push the limits on sex and violence to compete with ‘R’ rated movies that played in the cinema. One of the most grindhouse-adjacent FMV horror titles back in the day was the Phantasmagoria series.

Rivaling Sierra’s hardcore horror-thriller was Virgin Interactive’s The 7th Guest and The 11th Hour, the former of which was a runaway success while the sequel was less so. Nevertheless, a dedicated audience latched onto the intriguing story and unique premise and have kept the series even if by discussion alone.

Well, Attic Door Productions did more than just discuss Trilobyte’s classic series from the 1990s, they rebuilt their own game as a spiritual successor called The 13th Doll, and it picks up where The 7th Guest left off. After the harrowing events of the first game, Tad nearly loses his mind and ends up in a mental asylum.

Dr. Richmond takes on Tad as a special assignment and attempts to heal him of his mental anguish by bringing him back to the Stauff mansion to finally rid Tad of his demons, only the rational and pragmatic Dr. Richmond is taken by surprise when the mansion unveils its frightful secrets and deadly contraptions, leading Richmond and Tad back down a journey into insanity… and death.

If you enjoyed the mystery-puzzle elements of the original game and the epoch-inspired noir that came along with the setting and soundtrack, Attic Door Productions is hoping you’ll join them for their latest adventure, which includes 26 brand new brain-tingling puzzles to solve and five different endings to unlock.

You can either get the DRM-free version from over on the store or pick up a digital copy from the Steam store.


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