The Fight’s Not Over For James Younger

Previously we reported how a jury voted to allow 7-year-old James Younger to be chemically castrated in one of the gravest miscarriages of justice that has unfolded before the public eye. Jeffrey Younger, the boy’s father, vowed he would continue fighting for his son’s life and has stayed true to his word.

Appearing on a The Luke Macias Show Podcast, Jeffery Younger outlined for the world how his wife has systematically abused James since he was 3-years-old. It should be warned the abuse in question is rather disturbing and even more blood curdling when you know the jury heard this was going on and awarded the Georgulas custody all the same.

From before the age of three Georgulas would regularly tell James he was a girl and paint his finger nails with nail polish. According to numerous  outlets the abuse did not stop there according to Mr. Younger. Georgulas would regularly lock James in his room for denying he was a girl and tell him the monsters only ate little boys. She would regularly only give him love and affection when he acted like a little girl.

Capturing part of his wife’s abuse on camera he has now made the video public for everyone to judge for themselves the miscarriage that has occurred.

“You’re a boy, right?” Mr. Younger asks his son in the video.


“No,” James responds. “I’m a girl.”


“Who told you you’re a girl?” the father asks.


“Mommy,” the child answers.


Mr. Younger asks, “When did she tell you you were a girl?”


“Because, I love girls!” the three-year-old says.


“Oh, I see. So mommy told you you’re a girl?”


“Mhmm,” James answers in the affirmative.


The child tells Mr. Younger that his mother puts dresses on him, buys him headbands and hair clips, and paints his nails because he likes nail polish.


“So mommy puts you in a dress and puts nail polish on you?” Mr. Younger says.


“Mhmm,” James replies.


“And what does mommy tell you?”


“She tells me I’m a girl,” the child responds.

Mr. Younger would go on to describe this ordeal as horrific.

No one can deny it is, as society is more interested in demonstrating how not anti-woman they are that they’d put a little boy in the hands of a serial abuser.

Keep in mind we only know of the ordeal little James is undergoing and little of what she is doing to his twin brother.

“Every. Single. Day. You have to see your son sexually abused, and you have to maintain your calm, because the courts are not going to be fair to you. And the only way you can survive this and get your son through this alive is to calmly allow your son to be tortured right before your eyes and outlast the opposition. That’s what it’s like.”

Mr. Younger might not have to fight for much longer. Texas governor Greg Abbot has ordered both the Texas Attorney General’s Office and Texas Department of Family and Protective Services to look into the abuses these kids are undergoing.

What is truly appalling is if not for the massive and vocal public outrage no one would have come to James or Jeffery’s aid. There would have been no formal investigation and James if he made it till adulthood would be likely one of what will eventually be thousands of abuse stories that will dominate the coming decades as society finally begins to push back against the insanity.

Governor Abbot has made a very good political move. Either he is the savior of this little boy, which will look great for both reelection or a Presidential run, or upon further revelations that are likely to emerge his administration is shielded from blame. Given that he has two independent bodies looking into the abuses the probability that the CPS will just wash it under the bridge is slim. If they do and the Attorney General’s office discovers massive evidence abuse they know their careers are over and that is thankfully James great hope.

As for the abuser she is now rolling back her statement about castrating James as the investigation closes down around her. She says she will no longer seek to put him on blockers until he hits puberty. At this juncture it is sad to see this happen, but at least James can take solace he was the inch too far for society and legislation will likely be passed outlawing hormone blockers in Texas before the age of 18.

We’ll keep you updating on James struggle.


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