The Last Of Us: Part 2 Story Will Be Driven By Ellie’s Love For Joel And Dina
Last of Us Part 2

Naughty Dog is really hammering home the point that The Last of Us: Part II is a revenge tale anchored by a lesbian fan-fiction tier romance. The latest bit about the game’s tightly-guarded story comes from an interview in the December, 2019 issue of the Official PlayStation Magazine.

PSU picked up a small bite-sized quote from co-writer Halley Gross, who told OPM UK…

“Obviously Ellie experiences this deep trauma, it has an impact on her that’s going to affect how she engages with the world. That’s going to affect her tone as we sort of descend through that. That being said, Ellie is driven by love. It’s love that sends her on this mission for justice. It’s love that she feels for Joel, for Dina – these moments that buoy her.”

This still doesn’t quite confirm if Dina or Joel is the one that bites the dust, but part of me still thinks that while this is a lesbian revenge story, Joel is still the one who ends up dead, while Ellie and her odorous-inclined love-interest end up together.

Then again, it could go the complete opposite direction.

Dina ends up as dead as a doorknob and Joel is the one who gets to live in the end (which would surely be the better outcome).

However, I don’t think it matters all that much anyway given that the game isn’t designed to be “fun”, according to creative director Neil Druckmann, and so far the entire-theme of the AAA PS4 exclusive seems to be about propaganda more than anything else. Heck, Druckmann even admitted that the game is based around his upbringing in Israel.

We’ve seen very little of the actual gameplay, the scope of the story is far less intriguing than the original game, and all of the females look and behave like men.

For gamers looking forward to said propaganda, The Last of Us: Part II is due out on February 21st, 2020.

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