The Last Of Us Part 2 Was Inspired By Druckmann’s Upbringing In Israel
Neil Druckmann - Jew

Neil Druckmann went on a tour de force of laying down as much information as possible to the media during a demo session of The Last of Us Part II that basically ensured that no normal gamer would be able to connect with the upcoming cinematic shooter.

In The Hollywood Reporter’s retelling of the media event, they noted that the inspiration behind the gory, lesbian revenge title came from Druckmann’s upbringing in the West Bank when he was raised in Israel. The article explains…

“ The story of The Last of Us Part 2 is inspired by real-world events, Druckmann says. Born in Israel, the director was raised in the West Bank, a fact, he says, that makes him ‘very familiar with a part of the world that is looked at and spoken about with this concept of the ‘cycle of violence.”


“’Wanting to explore those themes and make them relevant to people that have felt any sort of hate in their life and try to reflect on that became really interesting,’ explains Druckmann.”

If that didn’t raise any red flags, Druckmann pressed further, like a bourgeois boot on the throat of a pauper.

He rattled off an unconfirmed anecdote following his decision to force Ellie into a romantic relationship with another female, telling the outlet…

“It felt like if [Ellie and Riley] were just friends, the story would work on one level, but if there was this other, romantic layer it made the story a lot more interesting,”


“I’ve had fans that come up to me and say, ‘Thank you, your game has helped me come out to my parents.’ Those things are humbling and inspiring, but we don’t think of it as, hey, let’s make a big impact on the industry. I think that just happens organically as we tell stories with more interesting, unique characters,”

In other words, getting people to become comfortable with propaganda.

If you weren’t comfortable telling your parents before being influenced by media, then it means the media is shaping your moral compass, which should send red flags to any and everyone out there who reads Druckmann’s lines.

Unfortunately, too many people are already wrapped up in the bread blanket of the postmodernist’s bakery shop, chowing down on the meat stick inside that influences them to think that everything the Left is doing is a-okay.

Speaking up against the propaganda nets you labels such as “bigot” or “sexist” or “racist” or “transphobe”, when in reality you just don’t want to be preached to by people who exist in a realm outside of normalcy.

Nevertheless, expect the media to continue to shower heaps of praise upon The Last Of Us Part II, which may or may not be a lesbian revenge shooter given that we still don’t exactly know if Ellie is getting revenge for Dinah, or if possibly Joel is the one who dies and she gets revenge for him while dealing with his ghost as a sidekick throughout the journey. We’ll eventually find out when The Last of Us Part 2 launches on February 21st, 2020 for the PS4 and PS4 Pro.

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