Thinx MENstruation Ad Is Just As Woke As It Sounds

Thinx’s latest ad for their period-proof underwear is called “MENstruation”, and it works on the premise that both men and women have periods. The ad features various men dealing with their menstrual cycles through puberty, high-school, the workplace, and before going out partying. Typically, the ad is as woke as it sounds and has rightfully been downvoted by people tired of this reality-bending reconfiguration of how human society operates.

While the ad focuses on men and the troubles of dealing with a menstrual cycle, it’s actually supposed to be about the period-proof panties that Thinx created. We don’t get to see the panties in action in any capacity, save for at the very end of the ad where a couple both admit they’re on their period.

If it sounds bad, you’ll need to see it to believe it.

It starts with a boy lamenting to his father about experiencing his first menstrual period, and then it shows a middle-aged man with a blood spot on his bed, presumably leaking out of his ruptured anus, and then we see an Asian man checking his butthole to see if he’s secreting any of that red goo out of his backside.

One of the more ridiculous shots is of a man’s butt, a tampon string dangling down between his butt cheeks and out of his underwear like a wrecking ball swinging from a crane made out of rectal tissue.

This disgusting display of degeneracy was not well-received by audiences, and rightfully so. First of all, what woman would buy period-panties after seeing a bunch of men deal uncomfortably with a menstrual cycle? And secondly, what man would be interested in panties designed for a woman on her period?

Quite naturally, this resulted in the ad being downvoted quite extensively, but not quite as bad as Gillette’s woke ad.

The comments took Thinx to task for their inhumane approach to selling menstrual protection attire.

As you can see, even women found the ad to be stomach churning.

That’s not to mention that the ad advocates for some frighteningly unhealthy practices, such as two people having sex while bleeding all over the place. Why would you even think about that when the two of you are leaking red fluids from your orifices like South African farmers after being attacked by savages?

Even still, the whole concept reeks of postmodern mental illness.

So what led Thinx toward this path? Well, they thought that if they portrayed everyone having periods it would make them… more acceptable. Over on the official website they write…

“If we all had periods, maybe we’d be more comfortable with them. Nearly half of the world’s population has a period, yet we still shy away from having open conversations about them. So we thought to ourselves — what would the world look like if everyone had them?”

I should warn you, there are some truly disturbing photographs on the official website, and they are absolutely not safe for work, nor are they safe for life. If you value your sanity, DO NOT click on the link to the Thinx website.

In any case, Adam Calhoun sums up every normal person’s disgust with Thinx’s degenerate ad.

(Thanks for the news tip Anon)


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