Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE Encore Japanese Website Updated With Censored Screenshot

Tokyo MIrage Sessions FE Encore

Atlus and Nintendo’s re-release of Tokyo Mirage Sessions: #FE Encore was already on shaky ground when gamers discovered that the Nintendo Direct video for both the English and Japanese version of the game were based on the censored Western release of Tokyo Mirage Sessions: #FE on the Wii U. Now, it appears as if further confirmation has made it known that the Japanese version of the game will likely be based on the censored Western version of the game.

Censored Gaming did a quick two minute video about the censorship, which involves the official Japanese website replacing one of the original images from the game that was based on the uncensored version of Tokyo Mirage Sessions, with a censored version of the image. They explain the discrepancy between the screenshots in the video below.

You can actually see the differences for yourself by comparing the archived web link of the old version of the Japanese website with the most recently updated version of the Japanese website.

If you’re still unsure as to what you’re looking for, you can see the comparison below.

As pointed out by JPUncut, the top image is based on the altered attire that was featured in the Western version of Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE for the Nintendo Switch, which added additional padding around the cleavage area and also removed the pelvic bones so there was no shading highlighting the indentation of the abdominal obliques.

JPUncut suspects that this means the re-release of Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE both in the U.S., and Japan will likely be based on the censored Western release of the game.

Some people were holding out hope that perhaps the Japanese version of the game would be uncensored, since the website initially featured the uncensored attire from the Japanese version of the Wii U release, but now that the website has been updated with the censored version of the attire, it’s likely safe to say that the rest of the game will be censored, too, especially since we already know the villains have been censored.

As noted in the Censored Gaming video, this means that even if you get the Japanese version of Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE Encore, and attempt to play the game with the English subtitle options, you would still end up with a censored version of the game. The only way to experience the true version of the game, in all its uncensored glory, is to get the fan-translated version with the uncensored patch for emulated version or for use on a modded Wii U.

(Thanks for the news tip Narmy, Animatic and Mantorok’s Branded)