Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE Shoots To The Top Spot For Wii U In Japan Following Censorship Row

Tokyo Mirage Sessions Wii U

Nintendo and Atlus really screwed the pooch when they kept Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE Encore censored for the Nintendo Switch. Gamers – especially those form Japan – were none too pleased with the outcome and demanded refunds for their pre-orders when they found out that there would only be one global version of #FE Encore and that it would be based on the butchered and censored Western version of the game that came out for the Wii U. Nintendo acquiesced. In response, Japanese gamers who missed out on the game when it originally came out in Japan for the Wii U, decided to retaliate by purchasing the game from Amazon, allowing it to shoot to the top of the sales charts.

Nintendo Soup caught wind of the news when they were informed that in the Wii U section of Amazon Japan, Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE is sitting at the top of the best-sellers list. If you follow the link to the Amazon Japan store page, it’s true that the idol-themed JRPG is now the number one best-selling game for the Wii U.

However, in the grand scheme of things the game is still way down the list when compared to other best-sellers on Amazon Japan in the general gaming category.

If you check the overall list the Wii U version doesn’t even make the top 50.

In fact, it doesn’t even make the top 100. However, it’s still trending in the Wii U section, which means that either a bunch of people are buying Wii U’s to get the game, or they’re just purchasing the game as a protest against the current censorship that’s affecting the Japanese version of the game.

In any case, at least some Japanese gamers are rebelling by purchasing the old Wii U game to show that they won’t be giving up their morals and values to accommodate the censorship-happy puritans in the West.

As is typical of the ResetEra types, they’re still not happy even with the censorship being applied to the Japanese version of the game on the Switch. There’s a lengthy thread where they’re continuing to attack gamers for being “creepy” for wanting the uncensored version of the game.

So even with Nintendo and Atlus kowtowing to censorship degenerates, it’s still not enough for these people. They did the same thing with Catherine: Full Body, even after Atlus bent the knee and censored aspects of the game to accommodate their whims.

If history tells us anything, then Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE Encore will likely release and bomb on the market just like it did three years ago when the butchered Western version dropped and failed miserably.

(Thanks for the news tip CZ, NukeOnDelete and Lyle)

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