Trapped On Monster Island Launches Uncensored On Jast USA, Fakku
Trapped On Monster Island

Kagura Games have been on a tear lately, releasing all sorts of lewd-laced games in a short amount of time, spanning a wide variety of entertainingly depraved perversions. What’s more is that nearly every single one of their new games have also been appearing on Steam, bypassing the censorious palate of Valve’s taste police. Their latest offering for salacious software satisfaction is the amusingly twisted RPG, Trapped On Monster Island.

Developer Lovely Pretty Ultra Loving You’s hand-drawn title centers around a servant girl named Eris who is forced to pay off her debts performing tasks on a ship. However, whether by blessing or curse, Eris finds herself shipwrecked on a mysterious island where even more wanton pleasures and shame await her at the hands of monster men and nefarious-minded beasts.

Once on the island, players will take control of Eris as she attempts to explore the foreign land using classic turn-based RPG mechanics and battle systems, as well as grinding out fights in order to become stronger and overcome the monsters on the island.

The all-ages version of the game on Steam completely cuts out all the juicy parts, so it’s one of those things where all you have are the boring grinding parts.

Anyway, you can grab the censored version of the game from the Steam store for $9.99. During the first week of release, the game is discounted by 10% off.

There’s an R18+ patch you can pick up to make the game whole again from over on the Kagura Games website.

Alternatively, you can get the uncensored version of the game from FAKKU or from the Jast USA store.

You’ll probably want to support one of th eother storefronts to help them grow if you’re not keen on Valve’s inconsistent censorship and bans on certain adult games. Either way, Trapped On Monster Island is available, and H-game fans are probably happy about that.

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