Twitter Executive Gordon MacMillan Outed For Role In Social Media Psyops

Gordon MacMillan, Twitter’s head of editorial in the EMEA territory, has been outed as having been part of the 77th Brigade in the British Army. He’s not to be confused with the late Gordon MacMillan who passed away in 1986 after having served in the 98th Brigade and fought in both World Wars. No, the Twitter MacMillan was outed for being involved in far more nefarious fare.

It originated with an article from the Independent back on September 30th, 2019, which outlined MacMillan’s involvement with Twitter’s head of editorial for the Middle East and African regions. The Independent, however, picked up on MacMillan’s brief snippet in his role with the 77th Brigade for the British Army on his LinkedIn page (which has now been scrubbed of such info), where he wrote…

“I have a strong interest in politics and international affairs and am a reserve officer in the British Army serving in 77th Brigade, which specialises in non-lethal engagement.”

Further investigation from Middle East Eye revealed that MacMillan’s role in the army was for psychological warfare operations using propaganda and online systems information.

According to the Independent’s article…

“The 77th Brigade was created in January 2015 in a restructure of military units including the 15 Psychological Operations Group and Media Operations Group.


“At the time, officials told journalists it would use social media including Facebook and Twitter to ‘fight in the information age’.”

Both articles flew well under the radar, despite the alarming ties to a social engineering group.

Twitter sent a press statement out claiming that user data wasn’t being used for surveillance purposes and that the company did an investigation into MacMillan’s service use and found no conflicts of interest.

The British Army also sent out a statement, which read…

“We employ specialist reserve personnel from a variety of civilian occupations in order to utilise the skills and experience of senior professionals.


“There is no relationship or agreement between 77th Brigade and Twitter, other than using it as a social media platform.”

The news went largely unnoticed by the public because it went largely unreported by mainstream news outlets.

Potential subversion on the government level of a social media platform should be major news, as opposed to a meme-filled tweet published by President Donald Trump… right? Wrong.

As detailed by, none of the major mainstream news outlets covered the story, where they write…

“For media so committed to covering news of foreign interference with US public opinion online (see, 8/24/16, 12/13/17, 7/27/18), the response was distinctly muted. The story did not appear at all in the New York Times, Washington Post, CNN, CNBC, MSNBC, Fox News or virtually any other mainstream national outlet. In fact, the only corporate US outlet of any note covering the news that a person deciding what you see in your Twitter feed is a foreign psyops officer was Newsweek, which published a detailed analysis from Tareq Haddad (10/1/19). When asked by FAIR why he believed this was, Haddad agreed it was major news, but downplayed the idea of media malevolence, suggesting that because it was a small British outlet breaking news involving a British officer, US media may have overlooked it.”

Tareq Haddad’s assertion that the news wasn’t widespread due to being covered initially by a small British outlet turned out to be false.

Fair found that multiple alternative news outlets covered the story, but most who did were either suppressed or barred from major social media outlets.

They explain…

“[…] the news was the focus of alarmed reports in alternative media (Moon of Alabama, 9/30/19; Consortium News, 10/2/19), as well as from foreign government-owned outlets that have been labeled propaganda mills, and have been demoted or deleted from social media platforms like Twitter, YouTube and Facebook. Turkey’s TRT World (10/1/19), Venezuela’s TeleSur English (10/1/19), Iran’s Press TV (9/30/19), and Russia’s Sputnik (9/30/19) and RT (9/30/19) all immediately covered the scandal, suggesting the lack of Western coverage was a political rather than a journalistic choice.”

This is a typical move from most major Western media outlets.

They usually downplay or ignore important information while broadcasting and spreading lots of silly news or misinformation.

It’s not even just mainstream news outlets, it’s also the social media platforms themselves. A good example is President Donald Trump attempting to correct misinformation spread by Fox News regarding a poll they took in relation to the Democrats trying to get him impeached, as reported by PJ Media.

Trump’s tweet correcting said misinformation received less spread and less visibility than a tweet by a blogger with with barely a fraction of his followers championing the race-swap of Catwoman in Matt Reeves’ upcoming The Batman.

Basically, the President trying to correct fake news spread by mainstream media received less attention because it received less visibility on Twitter than a blogger from The Mary Sue with just 7,700 followers promoting Hollywood’s “diversity” agenda.

That’s just one example of many.

Facebook, Google, and Twitter all engage in algorithmic manipulation to suppress and hide information they don’t want you to see, while broadcasting and promoting content and information that they want to trend.

It’s quite obvious why the mainstream media wouldn’t report on this news relating to Gordon MacMillan, and it’s because it would raise serious questions from people who may not like the idea that major social media platforms are doubling as conduits for social engineering.

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