Vampire: the Masquerade Bloodlines 2 Delayed

Hardsuit Labs developers of Vampire The Masquerade Bloodlines 2 has announced the game will undergo a delay. While the game will still launch in 2020 according to the dev blog, the game will no longer launch in the first quarter of the year. Reasons cited for the need for the delay were vague generalizations that could read either as bug-related issues or as more gendered politics given the company’s previous statements on the Bloodline 2’s development.

What absolutely gets me about SJWs and on full display here is how they will go to great length to explain how this game isn’t designed for fans. How they don’t want your “buzzword” and that this game is aimed at a new audience. Only too then will spend the entire marketing pretending as if this game was being marketed toward the paying customers instead of the aforementioned new audience devoid of the traits they previously denounced.

White Wolf, the makers of World of Darkness, went so woke with their narratives that it triggered an international incident with Russia that almost drug Paradox Interactive into court before they gutted White Wolf, turning it into a publishing house and apologized to all nations involved.  It is no wonder Hardsuit Labs who began development under that regime felt so confident in broadcasting their hatred for gamers and men.

When they talk about the problems are they talking about the first games bugs and design shortcomings that mods later fixed or are they talking about the toxic male power fantasy elements? Are these the same fans that were banned from their forums for voicing they didn’t want any of this political nonsense in the game that they’re so committed to?

If you think this sounds similar to when movies undergo re-shoots after early test screenings fail or like Star Wars directors’ new found respect of the fans seemingly after repeated bashings now can’t do it without you are not alone. More details on the delay will be revealed on October 19th at PDXCON.

To all fans of Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines 2


For the last three and a half years, we’ve worked hard to bring you a worthy successor to Bloodlines 1. To us, that meant not only making good on the ambitions of this remarkable game, but also a duty to ensure we would not repeat its mistakes. Today, we have to tell you that we need some more time to get you the game you’ve been waiting for. Although Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines 2 will still launch in 2020, we have decided to value quality over making the Q1 launch window.


There are some things we wanted to hit under all circumstances when we set out to follow in Bloodlines’ footsteps: A deep, branching storyline; fascinating and amazingly acted characters; the rich universe of the World of Darkness. We firmly believe that we’re on the right track to get you all of this.


On the flip side, there’s the responsibility to avoid some of the issues that plagued the first game, which was famously launched too early. Over the last few months, it became clear that to stick to our original date would risk repeating that mistake. We won’t do that. In the end, everyone working on this game wants to offer you the best Bloodlines 2 we can.


This hasn’t been an easy- nor our first choice. Throughout 2019 we have been improving our processes and growing our teams, however it soon became clear that this alone won’t allow us to deliver the quality we want at the date we promised.


Your feedback was invaluable in this. It helped us give the proper weight to what we saw, as well. We’d like to thank you, and hope you’ll support us in the decision that came from it.


Many of us from Hardsuit Labs will be in Berlin for PDXCON. For those of you going, we look forward to seeing you there! We will be sharing insights into the development of Bloodlines 2 along with other steps we’ve taken to strengthen our development team  to realize our ambitions for Bloodlines 2.


For those of you who won’t be there, we will be sharing more about this during the PDXCON Announcement stream on Saturday the 19th. We are also opening up a Reddit thread to answer any of your questions in the Bloodlines stream on the following Sunday.




Andy Kipling and Brian Mitsoda, on behalf of the team at Hardsuit Labs


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