Vigilance, Indie Cyberpunk Bounty Hunter Game Is Inspired By Prey 2 Prototype

Nas Nakarus is working on a bleak, visually stimulating first-person shooter themed after the cancelled Prey 2 prototype called Vigilance. It, too, also has prototype footage available where you can get a look at what the developer is designing in Epic’s Unreal Engine 4.

The first video is just under a minute long. It’s a test video that demonstrates how the AI can navigate through complex environments, as well as how players can run, jump, climb, and stealth through different kinds of situations.

We see very brief moments of gunplay, but nothing special. You can check out the first video below.

The second video isn’t nearly as action packed. It’s from an earlier prototype where the main character is simply walking down a hologram-filled alleyway.

We see a strong aesthetic influence from Blade Runner, with the high-contrast between the richly saturated neon signs and the shadow-ridden crushed blacks.

This is the kind of visual vibe I think a lot of people expected from CD Projekt Red’s Cyberpunk 2077.

Instead they ended up with a game that looks like a gender studies visual aid for America’s poverty-destined multicultural society in 2077.

In no uncertain terms, Vigilance looks like a cool, sexy, dangerous world with great looking graphical effects. Cyberpunk 2077 looks like a nightmare turned reality featuring all the immigration horror stories everyone fears. In short, one game looks fun, the other doesn’t.

You can also see a lot of the inspiration from Human Head Studios’ Prey 2 concept that ended up getting canned by Bethesda. If you don’t remember what that prototype looked like, you can check out the gameplay footage below.

Hopefully we’ll get to see more of Vigilance sooner rather than later. It’s a one-man indie project so don’t expect a lot of progress to be made in short order. The developer is currently gathering funds via Patreon, so if you feel the need to lend him a buck or two, you can do so via the crowdfunding method.

There doesn’t  appear to be a release date on the table but the lone developer says he still has a lot more show in the near future.

(Thanks for the news tip Fate_warrior95)


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