Virtue Signal: The Game Pokes Fun At The Crazed Social Justice Activist Community
Virtue Signal The Game of Social Justice Activism

William Dalebout’s Virtue Signal: The Game Of Social Justice is a tabletop card game about all the insanity, rule-changes, and virtue signaling nonsense of the radical Regressive Left. It lampoons the ridiculous and dangerously over-the-top nature of Liberal Progressivism, and it’s currently seeking funds on Kickstarter at the moment.

The title sees players taking on the role of a SJW. The objective is to grow your followers and become more prominent. The basic gist is very similar to a game of dominoes., where you build up your line and attempt to be the first to have the largest following.

However, other players will attempt to thwart your progress by throwing monkey wrenches in your growth by accusing you of having committed microaggressions. Microaggressions impede your progress towards follower growth, and sets you back.

Virtue Signal - Special Cards

However, you can overcome microaggressions by virtue signaling. Virtue signaling can thwart the microaggression and gain you followers on a different line.

But in the Clown World of Social Justice, the rules keep changing, which is why there are special cards that can be played to alter the ruleset and allow your opponents to halt your progress via other means, just like real-life cancel culture.

Virtue Signal - Snowflake

Of course, with all the rule-changing and alterations to the game, it would mean you never really win. In some ways it’s indicative of how real life Social Justice activism is handled. But, to throw players a bone you are able to reset the rules back to normal (or at least, normal for SJWs) and continue the game as planned.

You can see a full explanation of the basic rules and how the game is played via the pitch video below.

I can easily see this game triggering the social media snowflakes into a frenzy, since they can’t handle anything remotely or ideally related to the real life struggles of normal human beings, and have no concept on how to take a joke.

So far the project has not been taken down by Kickstarter, despite Kickstarter being part of the circle of Social Justice ideologues.

The project has already garnered $11,960 of its $25,000 goal with 25 days to go on the campaign as of the writing of this article. Virtue Signal: The Game of Social Justice isn’t due for release until January, 2020. If you’re interested in contributing to the game, you can do so by visiting the Kickstarter page.

But remember, Kickstarter banned the comic book Lonestar in order to protect and defend the murderous rapists known as MS-13. So keep that in mind before you pledge a dime.

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