Vixen Wars Launches Lewd And Uncensored On Nutaku
Vixen Wars

The new tower defense card game from Nutaku called Vixen Wars has officially launched for mobile devices and through the Nutaku web portal for PC. The sexy game features a litany of hot chicks for you to encounter in a story about redemption and raunchy romps throughout the kingdom.

The story centers around a young prince who was supposed to inherit the kingdom from his father. However, a dark magician ventures to the land and corrupts the prince’s step-sister, turning her toward the dark side.

The prince’s sister ends up corrupting the land and usurping the throne from her brother, casting him out from his rightful inheritance. Players will have to travel around the kingdom, recruit hotties, attempt to battle enemies, and fight to reclaim the kingdom.

You can check out the NSFW launch trailer below to get an idea of what the gameplay is like.

As you encounter the heroines and goddesses, you’ll need to level them up through battle and complete quests to unlock new levels of lewdness with them.

You can sweet talk the chicks by raising your affinity with them, which then unlocks new customization and clothing options.

You can modify what they wear on their head, what they wear on their body and their lower body.

Vixen Wars – Bikini

The customization basically adds the replay loop so that you have a reason to keep going back and playing the game, in addition to unlocking the uncensored sequences involving all of the heroines you can add to your team.

It’s a simple game with a basic layout for gamers looking to get in a quick fun-fap in between playing bigger games or watching important, life-changing anime.

The combination of deckbuilding with tower defense battles and kingdom exploration should keep gamers busy enough for a spell.

If you want to check out Vixen Wars right now, you can do so by heading on over to the NSFW Nutaku game page.


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