War Of The Worlds BBC Trailer Actually Stays Faithful To The Novel
War of the Worlds

I’m shocked I tell you, shocked at the new BBC One trailer for War of the Worlds. Why? Because it’s a faithful adaptation of H.G. Wells’ classic novel, taking place in Britain near the turn of the century, and it appears to be pozz-free.

The original novel wasn’t one of my favorites from Wells, not like The Time Machine or In The Valley of the Spiders, but it was an interesting premise, following a civilian during the midst of a martian invasion. The BBC One film seems to be focusing on this aspect of the novel, tracking the actions of a British civilian while the politicians feign public security and the army desperately rallies to mount an ineffective but desperate offense.

I didn’t think much of the trailer going in, but it seems to be quite faithful to Wells’ original depiction of the invasion and does so without the agitprop typically smeared rife within most media entertainment works.

You can check out the trailer below, courtesy of Movie Trailers Source.

The trailer doesn’t do much to reveal how it all plays out, but they tease you with just the right amount of lure to get you interested.

We have a proper lead character in a proper relationship, only to see his world turned upside down due to the laser-spewing tripods.

The gigantic extraterrestrials tower across London’s modestly sized buildings, looming with terror and bad intentions.

The film doesn’t seem to shy away from violence, though. We see some explosions, some cannon fire and the military armed and ready for battle.

The War of the Worlds - Tripod Attack

Now, keep in mind that this is still the BBC.

They’re basically the British version of Netflix at this point when it comes to injecting politically biased content into their offerings. For one, they blackwashed ancient history in a cartoon for kids, which was thoroughly debunked by Metatron back in spring of 2018.

The BBC was also responsible for a children’s education film trying to brainwash kids into believing there were 100 genders. Thankfully, some people in the region decided to call them out on this nonsense, as reported by the Daily Mail.

And to further highlight their politically distorted agenda, the BBC canceled a show that was set to star Count Dankula because the perpetually offended didn’t want him on their tele-screens. You can read about the ill-fated show over on The Scotsman.

In any case, it makes me wonder if there’s something amiss with this upcoming outing of War of the Worlds? Is the marketing a bait-and-switch? Will there be hidden pozz in it? Is there something bubbling beneath the surface, like a poisonous boil hidden under an opaque and bulbous mud mound in a dank swamp that explodes when you get too close?

I can only imagine what sort of subversion the film may contain, but on the surface the trailer looks like an authentic attempt at bringing a classic piece of literature to life. You can look for The War of the Worlds to air on BBC One and have a limited run in theaters this fall.


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