Weekly Recap Oct 12th: Blizzard Courts Corporate Romance With Hong Kong’s Abusers

Weekly Recap

This entire week could be summed up as one big clusterfunk of censorship rolled out at the hands of the Chinese puppeteers through its disreputable minions known as Blizzard Entertainment and the NBA.

There was a roller coaster of emotion as gamers were taken on loops and spins in an unpredictable ride that saw a Hong Kong activist speak up on behalf of the plight of his people during an interview following a Hearthstone match, only to be suspended and stripped of his earnings, only to later have social media, gamers, artists, and some media personalities to come out in support of the kid, resulting in Blizzard doing a half-hearted and partial policy reversal on the suspension. That’s not even getting into the mess involving the NBA and censorship, or the CW attempting to remove negative fan backlash over Batwoman, or a Team Fortress 2 trans player getting ousted for child grooming.

I really have to say that this week had more twists and more turns than Michael Graziano’s mangled body after Nick Bollea crashed into him. All of these crazy stories and more in this October 12th, 2019 edition of the Weekly Recap.


Team Fortress 2 Trans Player Banned For Grooming Kids

A Team Fortress 2 e-sports player (and yeah, I know, there are people who actually play Team Fortress 2 competitively) was permanently banned from various leagues for grooming kids. The news dropped with more of a drip than a splash given that media outlets are going to be terrified of tackling the story without appearing “transphobic”, but it’s all out in the wild now. Speaking of degenerates… ResetEra has banned more than 20% of their total userbase since opening its doors back in 2017. The upcoming Birds of Prey film will apparently be a feminist flick that tackles “mansplaining” and “misogyny”. A disgusting combination no matter how you cut the custard.

And on the subject of feminism… Disney has hired veteran award-winning actress Geena Davis to work with an AI in order to comb through scripts to ensure that they are “inclusive” and “diverse” enough, which basically means cutting out any straight white males at whatever chance they get. The upcoming Marvel’s Avengers isn’t quite all it’s cracked up to be, with some serious performance and frame-rate issues plaguing the gameplay, in addition to focusing on Kamela Khan, a hero literally no one cares about. Oh, and there’s a new search engine called Hide My Searches that encrypts your searches and erases them from the server history half an hour after you make them, which is pretty cool.


Batwoman’s Fan Backlash Squelched By CW Network

The ratio’d trailers for Batwoman has been squashed, silenced, and hidden from the general public’s view. The CW Network decided to pump up their propaganda campaign by silencing the critics via hiding the old trailers and putting out new ones. But as the old saying goes, the internet never forgets. There’s a full list of games due out in October and if you needed a heads-up about them, you can check out the full list here. Chuckle Fish was accused of withholding pay and exploiting workers, but it turns out that the people who were working for them were just volunteers.

Epic Games was sued by a Canadian couple because they claimed Fortnite was too addictive and that the game didn’t have any warning labels about its addictive nature. The sad part about it is that addictive products do require labels according to Canadian law, so despite the lawsuit being pants-on-heads stupid, it’s also completely possible that Epic may end up having to pay out big. And all the donations that were received for the KyoAnim fire is going back to help the families of the employees who died in the fire.


DOOM Eternal Delayed To March, 2020

Blizzard decided to suspend Hong Kong player Blitzchung for speaking up and supporting Hong Kong in a post-match interview following the Hearthstone Grandmasters tournament. Not only that, but Blizzard also proceeded to fire the two commentators who interviewed Blitzchung, withhold Blitzchung’s prize money, and censor all comments on the news piece related to the censorship. This occurred directly after China banned South Park for criticizing them and the NBA for supporting inhumane acts and broadening the scope of geopolitical censorship.

In other sad news, DOOM Eternal has been delayed, with Bethesda pushing it out of its November, 2019 release window and into a March, 2020 launch frame for reasons unknown. Some gamers are scared that some SJW elements might make their way into the game, but others are excited because id Software has added DOOM 64 as a free pre-order bonus for anyone who lays down coins for the game early. And Sony is removing Facebook integration from the PS4 for now, but Facebook says that it may return in a future update.


United Nations Is Running Out Of Money After Hunting Down Lolis

Hunting the loli is a dangerous game, so dangerous in fact that you can quite easily run out of funds while doing so. In their pursuit to enact the lolicaust, the United Nations have found themselves hanging on by a financial shoestring while the smug loli and the savvy shota are smirking from ear to ear. Blizzard Entertainment condemned Blitzchung and praised China in a public statement, prompting a Congressman to step up and take notice of an American company sympathizing with Communists.

Some of Blizzard’s employees also attempted to stage a small walkout, but the walkout is small, petty and hypocritical given that they were completely okay with the company censoring pepe and banning players from making the “OK” hand symbol. This comes after Blizzard has gone all-in on censoring their community, players, and employees. Both Red Dead 2 and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare have massive system requirements, both of which scale above 145GB in free space. And a Digital Extremes staff member suspended a Warframe player for joking about “The Big Gay”.


NBA Runs Afoul Of Corporate Chinese Thugs

After the Houston Rockets executive tweeted out support for the protestors in Hong Kong, the corporate thugs operating under the puppeteering of the PRC came down on the NBA, with companies such as Tencent distancing themselves from the National Basketball Association. China, meanwhile has been attempting to squelch all of the negative press surrounding the NBA in order to get back to trying to take over the world. Xbox executive Mike Ybarra has departed from the company, while Ubisoft is looking to get into the TV game by turning their intellectual properties into streaming shows.

In more retarded news, some SJWs are flipping their lids over a porn character from artist Zone making a cameo in Indivisible, going so far as to condemn the developer for adding the character. A Filipino politician has jumped onto the video game hate wagon, claiming that Mature-rated games can encourage kids to engage in “dangerous activity”. And Hidetaka Miyazaki has stated that the reason Bloodborne 2 isn’t being made because it’s not up to him.


Blizzard’s Cowardly Sonata Of Censorship And Chinese Bootlicking

Blizzard decided to do what any company backed against a wall would do when faced with a global boycott of their products for punishing a player who spoke up and championed for human rights in Hong Kong: they relented. However, their public statement addressing the reduced penalties handed out to the casters and to blitzchung was little more than a huge slap in the face to everyone. The president of Blizzard condescendingly berated the very spirit of free speech while defending Blizzard’s lip-lock with the Communist seductress known as censorship. Even in relent the company still came off as detestable, making people even angrier.

And to compound matters even further, Blizzard removed the $175 Mei statue from the Gear Store just as Hong Kong protestors have been ramping up their usage of her as an icon for their protests. And as if the hits just couldn’t stop coming, Blizzard was also caught with their pants down, sanctioning the “Gay Boys” guild because of their flamboyant characteristics and name. And like a vulture looking to pick clean the remaining meat from Blizzard’s media ravaged bones, Epic Games’ Tim Sweeney swooped in to announce that they won’t be banning Fortnite players for supporting the Hong Kong protests.

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