Weekly Recap Oct 19th: Vic Mignogna Appeal, Catwoman Controversy, TMS #FE Encore Censorship
Weekly Recap

The week started and ended with a bang. Valve kicked things off by censoring any opposition to their LGBTQ sale on Steam, prompting for people to recognize that the digital distributor (or at least a sizable portion of its staff) are converged.

Nintendo caved to the censorship crew, keeping the re-release of Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE Encore the same as the butchered Western release from the Wii U, even for the Japanese release, which led into a massive and furious uproar from Japanese gamers. DC and Matt Reeves decided to race-swap Catwoman for the upcoming 2021 release of The Batman. And finally in some good news for this week, Vic Mignogna is set to appeal the travesty of his case.

These stories and more in this October 19th, 2019 edition of the Weekly Recap.


Steam Censors People Who Don’t Like LGBTQ Sale

It’s a sad time in our society when people who voice opposition to a sale on a storefront find themselves terminally censored… disagreeing? That’s exactly what happened when various Steam users found themselves with locked threads for voicing their opposition to the LGBTQIA+ sale on Steam. In the era of the Rainbow Reich, dissension is criminal. The U.S. Has blacklisted 28 different Chinese entities, including diplomats and tech companies, but China retaliated by restricting U.S., visas from people they believed to hold “anti-China” sentiments.

Blizzard has continued their pro Chicom censorship behavior by banning users for 1,000 years from the Hearthstone forums for supporting the Hong Kong protesters. Fortnite was killed off briefly by Epic Games for a short time after a quantum singularity took place. Granblue Fantasy: Versus has censored Zeta’s panties, opting to put her in spats instead. Halo: Infinite has lost its lead producer, and President Donald Trump has joined Twitch.tv.


Vic Mignogna Will Appeal

There will be appeals. Yes, there will be appeals. According to Minnesota lawyer Nick Rekieta, Vic Mignogna will appeal the dismissal of his case against Funimation et al. This is probably blessed news for the I Stand With Vic crowd, especially every all of what Vic has been through the past year. Blizzard is continuing to censor staff and members of the e-sports community from speaking up about Hong Kong, this time an assistant coach for the Dallas Fuel from the Overwatch League was told to shut his mouth about Hong Kong by the Blizzard higher-ups. And speaking of China… it was discovered that Apple’s Safari is sending user data to Tencent.

TeamSpeak is making a comeback, and Running With Scissors released the very politically incorrect Postal 4 into Early Access on Steam. Activision has stated that Call of Duty: Modern Warfare won’t have loot boxes and they aren’t developing a loot box system, but no one with common sense believes them. Stack Exchange is forcing users to adhere to their new pronoun code of conduct policy, and Matt Reeves’ The Batman has brought on a race-swapped Catwoman played by Zoe Kravitz.


Britain Kills Porn ID Check

The AgeID or Fap License has been killed. U.K., parliament finally did something right for a change and murdered the Digital Economy Act 2017 measure that would have required adult websites to institute an identification check for all visitors from the U.K. But with every bit of good news, there’s also some terrible news, such as the Cinderella live-action remake from Sony casting a gay black man to play the Fairy Godmother. I kid you not.

For gamers looking forward to Vampire: The Masquerade Bloodlines 2, you’ll have to wait a little longer than early 2020, as the developers have pushed the game back further into next year. Nintendo is reportedly offering refunds on the pre-orders of Overwatch on the Nintendo Switch, while a new list covers all of the gaming companies that Tencent has its tendrils locked into.


Nintendo Offers Refunds For Censored Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE Encore

What happens when you tease people with the image of an uncensored version of a game but then later say that the game will be censored and share a global release? Well, people get angry and quite naturally want to claim that some sort of false advertisement was put into play. Nintendo quickly recognized this and decided to offer refunds for incensed gamers who pre-ordered Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE Encore on the premise that the game would be the uncensored Japanese version similar to what came out on the Wii U.

Kurt Sutter, the creator of Mayans MC and Sons of Anarchy, was fired from the show due to SJW complaints filed with human resources. In other news, Congress issued a bipartisan letter condemning Blizzard for becoming a comfort company to China, and a bedfellow for censorship. And a Kentucky man was arrested for ordering a “child-like” sex doll from China.


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