YU-NO Launches Uncensored On Steam
YU-no Uncensored

In case you missed it, Mages Inc., and Spike Chunsoft’s YU-NO: A Girl Who Chants Love At The Bound of This World launched uncensored on Steam. The game doesn’t have any explicit sex scenes or Adults Only-tier content, but compared to the console release, you don’t get any mysterious sunbeams or light obscuring the ecchi art, nor do you have to worry about any changes being made to accommodate the restrictions set by the platform holders (namely Sony).

The game originally came out on PC over on the Steam store on October 1st, 2019 for $49.99.

Fans are giving the game a lot of high praise for when they’re able to get it installed and booted up. During the launch day they did encounter some crashes and installation issues, but it was fixed almost immediately after launch.

Yu-No - Changing Clothes

The significance of the PC version arriving late but uncensored is that if gamers wanted to play YU-NO in English the only way to play the uncensored version in English is via PC.

Some of you might remember that back in May it was revealed that YU-NO‘s Western launch on PS4 and Nintendo Switch would be censored.

As revealed in the Spike Chunsoft blog, they noted that a mysterious sunbeam of light would cover Sala’s naked lower body, and that they replaced some of the symbols in the game during the “investigation” sequences.

Yu-No – Uncensored

So what was the reasons for adding the mysterious beam of light? Well, as pointed out by Noisy Pixel, it was to secure an ‘M’ for Mature rating from the ESRB and to gain approval from the platform holders, specifically Sony, since they have censorship policies in place.

The funny thing about it is that there is no actual explicit nudity in the game, though. Majority of the mature themes come from ecchi-style fan-service, such as upskirt shots or partially naked chicks covered by bath towels.

Yu-No - Bath Towel

There really wasn’t anything to censor to begin with, especially since ‘M’ rated games on the PS4, Switch, and other platforms have contained far more explicit material than what you’ll find in YU-NO.

There are no genitals on display and there are no bare boobs or hardcore sex scenes.

Now on the upside, if you purchased a digital copy of YU-NO from the Japanese version of the Nintendo eShop you’ll be able to gain access to the uncensored version, much like the Steam version on PC.

In the blog post, Spike Chunsoft confirmed that the PC version and the Japanese version on the Switch are identical…

“These content changes will not be applied to the Steam(PC) version. The Steam(PC) version will contain identical content to the Japanese Nintendo Switch release.”

If you wanted the Japanese version on Switch, simply open up your web browser, go to the official Nintendo site, log into your account, and change your region to Japan. You’ll be able to browse the Japanese version of the Nintendo eShop on your Switch once you save the settings. If you need Japanese currency to purchase items from the eShop, simply purchase the eShop currency from Play-Asia.

YU-NO is currently available right now on home consoles and PC.

(Thanks for the news tip Jeff Jones)


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