YU-NO’s Western Censorship For Switch, PS4 Includes Mysterious Light
YU-NO - Oasis Light

We already knew Spike Chunsoft and Mages Inc’s YU-NO: A Girl Who Chants Love at the Bound of this World would be censored when it launched in the West for the PS4 and Nintendo Switch, but we were unsure as to what the extent of the censorship would be. Well, now we know.

Back in May, Spike Chunsoft revealed that there would be several changes made to the Western release of the game on PS4 and Nintendo Switch, including an alteration of the symbols and a censored oasis scene involving a “sunbeam” to cover up Sala’s naked bum.

Well, Sankaku Complex posted up some of the images of the censored scene, and it reeks of the kind of interference one would expect from Sony’s censorship officers. Sala isn’t just censored with a sunbeam that mysteriously covers her butt crack, there’s an entire blotted out section during the investigation sequence where you can examine her butt, but you can’t see anything due to the giant light. You can view the NSFW examples below.

YU-NO - Mysterious Light

Originally you’re supposed to be able to see just the top part of Sala’s butt crack. It’s not full nudity but it does make a pretty big difference between the original Japanese version and the Western release, as you can see in the image below.


Both the English and Japanese version still kept the light over Sala’s butt crack during the bathing scene where there’s a full body profile shot of her from the rear in the oasis.

YU-NO - Mysterious Light Bathing

Both versions also still include the back shot from the bathroom where there’s a small bit of mist covering up the butt crack.

YU-No - ImINpBN1.jpg large

However, for some reason in the Western release of the game on PS4 and Nintendo Switch they censored Sala’s butt while she’s tied up and you can investigate her butt.

The funny thing about it is that the investigation sequence involving Sala’s butt is uncensored in the Japanese version of the game and in the Korean version of the game on the PS4, as demonstrated in the video below from YouTuber meme.

The good part is that YU-NO on Steam is actually uncensored, and it’s the same as the Japanese version on the Nintendo Switch.

You can grab a copy of YU-NO right now from the Steam store, without having to worry about the censorship that plagues the PS4 and Switch version in the West.

(Thanks for the news tip Jeff Jones)


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