A Year Of Rain, Co-op RTS Enters Early Access On Steam
A Year of Rain

Daedalic Entertainment announced that their team-based RTS game, A Year Of Rain, has entered into Early Access on Steam. The multiplayer strategy title is being compared to Blizzard’s Warcraft 3, but it launched with a number of issues that gamers find game-breaking, which has led to the developers announcing a roadmap for some of the key features that will need to be fixed as the game moves through the Early Access process.

During the first week of release A Year of Rain is discounted by 20% off the normal price, so you can get it from over on the Steam store for $19.99 instead of $24.99.

The game centers around three factions fighting a war for a land that is sparse on resources and rich in war. Players will take command of a side and utilize the units to turn the tide of war so that one faction will eventually come out the victor over all.

The game features a cooperative multiplayer campaign mode, as well as PvP modes. Alternatively, you can tackle the game all by your lonesome via single-player.

The multiplayer RTS game didn’t launch with the best of user review ratings, though. Most people have some high hopes for the game but recognize that the pathfinding and AI logic is just broken right now, with a lot of units getting stuck on geometry while players attempt to navigate them through the maps, or just not going where they’re supposed to be going.

The developers are listening to the feedback, though.

According to the Early Access page, the developers have plans on spending about a year and half in Early Access. They say that they will be taking feedback into account and rolling out major updates every six to eight weeks.

In fact, the first major milestone they plan to tackle is AI pathfinding with a navigation 2.0 update as the top priority, along with save games, and Mac and Linux support, along with boss enemies.

They have a complete list of the features they’re working on over on the Trello page.

The most disgusting thing about it all, though, is the lack of waifu material.

How can you have a game like this and not feature more waifu-bait? I suppose some people like leaving money on the table.

In any case, A Year of Rain is currently in Early Access at the moment, and you can check it out if it catches your fancy.


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