Batwoman Cancellation Rumors Have Emerged

Rumors have begun circling the internet that the infamous Batwoman show on the CW Network is heading for cancellation after only a single season on air. Originating from We Got This Covered — whose previous coverage accurately predicted both the Green Lantern and Blackstar show announcements — now claims executives are considering terminating the show over the criminally low ratings.

Batwoman has been nothing but a controversial circus since its announcement with leftists claiming the lead actress wasn’t lesbian enough to play the lead character. To the show’s overt feminist overtones and announcement trailer sparking massive outrage and general disinterest across the internet.

Most critics say the feminism in the show isn’t as bad as people thought it’d be. This is largely a perception issue the trailer produced. If you thought an asteroid the size of Texas was on its way, but it gets here and it’s a Huston sized hunk of rock you’d be relieved. Yet still hit with an asteroid rendering the scope of the rock a moot point in the grand scheme of things.

More articulated criticism has levied the issue not on the overtones of the show, but the absolute lame duck of a plot. Comic book fan’s claiming that had the show merely stuck to the plot established in the comics it could have achieved both its woke agenda and told a story that would have actually pleased audiences.

At any rate the rumor goes on to speculate executives will give the show a full season in order to right the sinking ship. Given the ratings have declined 20% in the second week, as reported by CosmicBook.News, and 15% in the third week before stabilizing in week 4, hope faded quickly once everyone saw the ratings once again decline in week 5, resuming the series’ downward trajectory alongside its woke counterparts.

The show’s future looks destined for Poseidon’s collection.

Then again the Get Woke Go Broke Master List will be perfection, when worn by a woman.

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