BBC’s Dracula Reboot Will Be Bisexual; Van Helsing Gets Gender-Swapped
BBC Dracula Bisexual

The man who ruined Doctor Who, Steven Moffat, and one-half of the duo behind the Sherlock Holmes reboot, Mark Gatiss, have teamed up together for a reboot of another classic story, Dracula. The new show will debut on BBC in 2020. Oh, and Dracula has been made bisexual while Van Helsing has been turned into a woman.

The USA Today Post is reporting that the BBC is proud and out about making Dracula a connoisseur of the alphabet soup, with Mark Gatiss telling press…

“He’s got broad tastes has this Dracula. It’s not just a collection of Sixties women with push-up bras this time. Dracula has never discriminated, in so far as he can tell the difference between the sexes. He goes for his food but also people who interest him.


“This goes right the way back. There’s a moment at the end of a Hammer film with Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing when he goes to bite him and it’s very, very homoerotic for its time.”

According to the The Sun, the brand ruination doesn’t end there.

They note that Van Helsing, famous vampire hunter, will be portrayed by a woman. They slipped in the news about Van Helsing’s gender-swap at the very end of the article, writing…

“A woman will also replace vampire-hunter Professor Van Helsing in the adaptation, due to air next year.”

How this will create the iconic Helsing bloodline becomes a complete mystery, but MachineGames did the same thing to B.J. Blazkowics’ blood lineage by giving him two lesbian-looking daughters instead of a son, so we know that he’ll never be properly related to Commander Keen, and by proxy, the Doom Guy.

In any case, this is more of a disgusting display of ruining fan-favorite fiction for the sake of pushing propaganda down the throats of people who just want to be entertained.

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