Black Powder Red Earth Sees Players Hunting Down Jihad Terrorists

Do you want to cleanse the earth of Jihad terrorists? If so, you can do so late next month thanks to publisher and developer _Echelon Software. The game in question, Black Powder Red Earth, is currently slated to hit PC via Steam and will hit said storefront on December 31st, 2019.

If you’ve always wanted to go Jihadist hunting and put explosive terrorists down for good, you’re in luck. _Echelon Software sees you assuming the role of special forces executing terrorists out in close-quarters combat.

Moreover, if you aren’t into stats, RPG elements, and other things that rely on roll-dice, there’s no need to sweat since none of that random stuff is in this game.

To set the record straight, Black Powder Red Earth is a top-down turn-based strategy game, where tactics and positioning are key instead of numbers and the like.

You can check out the gameplay trailer right here thanks to the dev team’s YouTube channel, which the video clocks in at 54 seconds in run time:

“The near present. Step into the event horizon of a failed state, as Private Military Contractor – Cold Harbor, hunting jihadist terrorists in war-torn sprawls as a lethal surrogate for the host nation


Black Powder Red Earth® has no tech trees, base building or R&D mini-games. It focuses entirely on meaningful tactical decisions that influence the outcome of raids in urban environments.”

The gist of the game is jumping in and fighting in war-torn urban sprawls following the invasion of Iraq. Players lead an enhanced capability advisory and enabler unit, whilst conducting “kinetic actions” with “full lethal surrogacy” to get any mission done.

A mobile version for iOS and Android devices are planned, but the team is currently focusing on getting the controls, maps, and core features down before shipping multiple ports.

In the meantime, you can read the graphic novel on, or you can visit the game’s official Steam page by hitting up the given links.


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