Charlie’s Angels Reboot Got Woke And Went Broke

Charlie's Angels

If you get woke, you will go broke. That is the lesson everyone should know by now, yet it bears repeating time and time over again. Apparently Hollywood won’t get the message until all the major studios are filling for bankruptcy, because at their current clip they just keep popping out failure after failure using the same agenda-pushing bullcrap that audiences around the world are indubitably rejecting by not showing up in theaters. The reboot of Charlie’s Angels is a perfect example of that.

Deadline is reporting that much like Terminator: Dark Fate, which also got woke and went broke, Charlie’s Angels opened with an $8.2 million weekend and middling scores from woke critics. Basically, it was a bomb all the way around, especially when you consider that Elizabeth Banks bankrolled the film, wrote the film and directed the film.

It was pretty obvious that this reboot of Charlie’s Angels was woke based on the trailers, which were basically ego-masturbation material for Elizabeth Banks. It was also repeatedly said in interviews that the movie was going to be themed around “feminist empowerment”.

As pointed out by Salty Cracker, it was obvious the movie was headed toward Bombsville.

The movie looked like an epic fail given that they purposely race-swapped two of the leads, and then had an out-and-out lesbian taking on the role of one of the characters, thus effectively trying to whittle down and diminish any appeal toward straight white males at all costs.

Instead of tapping into the cheesecake appeal of the originals by sexualizing the female cast to appeal to straight males, they decided to go in the complete opposite direction, resulting in no one wanting to turn up to the theaters to see the film. It turns out most females don’t care about action movies, and most males don’t care about feminist action movies. So who exactly was the film made for? The Twitter crowd… and they obviously don’t make up enough in the demographics to compensate for what it cost to make the film.

They made sure the movie was going to be dead in the water for the key demographics and they paid the ultimate price.

Now they have the grand opportunity of joining the ever growing and illustrious Get Woke, Go Broke Master List.

(Thanks for the news tip I <3 Being White)