Code Vein Mods Bring Playable Jiggly IO, Eva’s Costume, And Karen’s Dress

Whether you are a man of life or hometown, a few Code Vein mods are available for download that brings more bounce to the ounce. Yes, another IO mod is up, but this time her endowments jiggle while Eva’s costume and Karen’s dress are now usable. Code Vein is out now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

The first of the three PC Code Vein mods is a return to IO. In case you are unaware, the last mods by Rathren granted access to a skimpy IO outfit for her NPC model and made the moon-kissed waifu playable in said skimpy outfit.

Asking you to join the religIOn of life is Kimiseul, whose mod flops on to the scene and replaces the last outfit. Here are screens of the mod in question:


Fans of Eva and her outfit now have the ability to place their custom character in her attire thanks to F1SH. This mod changes the third costume and works with kazumashirou’s curvier Eva mod.

F1SH will have rockets flying with his mod that you can view right here, right now:


If you crave more sexy time in your playthrough of Code Vein, need not worry anymore. Thanks to modder Pling94, you can see your custom character flaunt their assets off in Karen’s dress — which replaces the bottom outfit for Karen’s prayer dress.

As per usual, here are images for research:


I should note that all of these mods are strictly for the PC version of Code Vein. In other words, folks on PS4 and Xbox One cannot use these mods.

As mentioned above, Code Vein is out now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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